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Made by: Cool Water

Truly Serene Sleep

  • 15” Profile

  • Plush European Pillowtop

  • 100% Waveless

  • 20 Year Warranty


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Brickell Mattress is excited to showcase the Aegean Waterbed, a skillfully crafted combination of water, latex, and memory foam bedding materials that join seamlessly to create a truly serene sleep experience.

The Aegean Waterbed, at a glance:

  • 15” Profile
  • Ultra Plush European Pillowtop
  • Designer PetMe™ Reversible Pillowtop Cover
  • Sleep Layer: 4” Reversible Latex/Memory Foam
  • 100% Waveless – No “Sloshing” Water Movement
  • Made in the USA with 20 Year Warranty

Don’t worry about rocking this boat; with all-new Multi-zoned Body Support Layers, the Aegean Waterbed delivers a 100% Waveless and tranquil sleep experience that soothes chronic pains, relieves arthritic pressure, and alleviates rheumatism.  

The Base: Inside the Aegean Fluid Support System
The Waterbed has become more advanced than ever.  Today, individuals of all ages are beginning to experience the therapeutic benefits of sleeping on calm, waveless water.  Here’s a look at the all-new Fluid Support System that makes it all possible:

1000 Series Embossed Molded Top Bladder
At the core of the Aegean Fluid Support System is the 1000 Series Dual Bladder, a premium 24 Mil vinyl shell designed to safely and securely contain water during use.

As a precaution, the 1000 Series Bladder is reinforced with 2 primary safety mechanisms.  First, a 4-way Hook and Eyelet Tethered Support System reinforces the Bladder at the corners.  Then, 4 reinforced Hi-Density Poly-foam rails and a resilient fluid support layer border the bladder to serve as a final precaution against rare leakage.  

Multi-Zoned Body Support Layers
The Aegean Fluid Support System is built with tranquility in mind, using 10 Multi-zoned Body Support Layers to catch and calm water as your body displaces it.  These elongated Zones span the bottom or the Bladder where they effectively eliminate fluid water motion, creating a 100% Waveless sleeping environment.

Thermal Guardian Touch-Temp Digital Heater
Did we mention this thing’s heated?  The Aegean Waterbed has a built-in thermal divider to ensure the water temperature of one chamber (side of the bed) does not affect the other (side of the bed).  Using the Aegean’s Thermal Guardian Touch-Temp Digital Heater, you may set and maintain the water temperature of either side to the nearest 0.1 degree!

The Top Layer:  An Ultra Plush European Pillowtop
The top comfort layer of the Aegean seals the deal with an ultra-plush European Pillowtop.  Half Latex Foam and half traditional viscoelastic Memory Foam, this Pillowtop is easily removed and reversed to suit personal preference.  To expose the Memory Foam sleeping surface for total body pressure relief, simply place the cover on the Fluid Support System with the Latex Foam side facing downward.  Or, reverse the cover to expose the Latex Foam side for a firmer, more cushioned feel.  

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