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Cirrus Luxe

Made by: Cool Foam

Most Popular Mattress!

  • 2.5” 4lb SELECT-ES Comfort Layer

  • 2” 8lb SELECT-HD Support Layer

  • Medium Conformity to Body

  • COOLTECH cover


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Cirrus Luxe


Best of Both Worlds! | ES Comfort, HD Pressure Relief

There was a time when memory foam was only firm.  Today, all that has changed.  Introducing the Cirrus Luxe by Select Foam™, the perfect harmony of softness and therapeutic memory foam support. 

The Cirrus-Luxe, at a glance:

  • Height:  13"
  • Firmness:  Soft
  • Conformity to Body: Medium
  • Ideal for: Back, Stomach, and Side Sleepers
  • Breathable, Eco-Friendly Memory Foam

Lying on the Cirrus Luxe is an experience unlike any you’ve ever had, because the Cirrus Luxe is made unlike any mattress you’ve ever tried.  A full 2.5” of plush SELECT-ES™ tops this eco-friendly mattress, creating a rich Comfort Layer that can only be described as cloud-like.  Sink in to the Cirrus Luxe, but don’t worry about falling through.  A 2” SELECT-HD Support Layer will hold you as you tuck yourself in to bed, offering full spinal support and all-natural pressure point relief.

A Note from Our Sleep Experts:
The Cirrus Luxe has been specially crafted to create a luxurious sleep experience for those who desire a Soft mattress.  For those who desire a firmer memory foam mattress, we invite you to call our team at 305.326.4000 for a complementary mattress recommendation.
Same Foam Density as Tempur-Pedic, for Less

Experience the perfect union of a cottony-soft SELECT-ES™ memory foam with ultra-supportive SELECT-HD™, and receive a luxurious night’s rest without spending a fortune.

  • Comfort Layer:  2.5” 4lb SELECT-ES™ Foam
  • Mattress Core:  2” 8lb SELECT-HD™ Support Layer
  • Cooling Chamber:  Channeled COOLTECH Layer
  • Base:  Built-to-last with extra-thick polyurethane foam base
  • Compare to TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe, save up to 40%!

The Cirrus Luxe is a delicately layered mattress that replicates the overall feel of other luxury brands while staying modest in price.  

A Greener, More Eco-Friendly Memory Foam

Recognizing that softness and support are not mutually exclusive, Select Foam™ developed SELECT-ES to welcome individuals who prefer a softer sleeping surface at a fraction of the cost of other luxury brands.  SELECT-ES is an all-natural compound that is low conforming, highly compressible, and soft-to-the-touch.  SELECT-ES delivers soft support and gentle pressure relief that side, back, and stomach sleepers alike will find superior compared to traditional memory foam.  

Each Cirrus Luxe mattress is made with sustainability in mind, using only the finest all-natural plant based products to create a product you can be proud to purchase.  Select Foam uses 100% soy-based materials in the production of every Cirrus Luxe, creating a softer and more breathable mattress that will last for years to come.

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To learn more about the Select Foam Cirrus Luxe, call Brickell Mattress for a hassle-free Sleep Consultation.  Our sleep experts are happy to assist you in finding the ideal sleep solution that will have you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated morning after morning.

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