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Contour Select 10"

Made by: Tempur-Pedic

Firm Pressure Relief

  • 1.2” TEMPUR Comfort Layer

  • 2.8” TEMPUR Support Layer

  • Medium Conformity to Body

  • Multi-fiber Knit cover

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Contour Select 10"


Incredible Support, Firmner initial Feel

Designed for those who need a firmer feeling mattress, the TEMPUR®-Contour Select delivers a full 4 inches of high density, pressure-relieving TEMPUR® foam to help you fall gently into a deep and restorative level of sleep. 

  • 10” Profile
  • 1.2” TEMPUR Comfort Layer
  • 2.8” TEMPUR Core
  • Medium Conformity to Body
  • Removable/Washable Multi-fiber Knit cover

Lie atop the Contour Select, and feel the tension melt away from your shoulders and mid-back.  Recommended for back and stomach-sleepers, the firm surface of the Contour Select positions the spinal column into optimal alignment for a deep level of sleep that will leave you waking rejuvenated and pain free.

A Note from Our Sleep Experts:
The TEMPUR-Contour Select is recommended for back and stomach-sleepers only.  This Contour Select’s unique level of firmness will not compress adequately to promote proper body alignment when sleeping on your side.  Our team invites you to contact us at 305.326.4000 for additional assistance in finding a memory foam mattress that is right for you.

Swedish Crafted Pressure-Relieving Support
Swedish-made Tempur-Pedic® mattresses are world renowned for delivering a level of high-end pressure relief and restorative sleep.  The TEMPUR®-Contour Select is no exception, and the mattress has become popular among individuals with back conditions, arthritic flare-ups, and post-operative patients who need a greater level of firmness and support.

TEMPUR® Material

  • Reduces nighttime restlessness, tossing, and turning.
  • Fall deeper into a healthy state of sleep through proper body alignment.
  • Breathable TEMPUR® memory foam material fights nighttime heat retention.
  • Stay asleep longer as the TEMPUR® material absorbs abrupt shocks and motion transfer.
  • Feel unparalleled support and pressure relief atop the TEMPUR-Contour Select comfort layer.
  • Achieve a customized level of sleep as the Contour Select conforms to the delicate curves of the shoulders, back, and legs.

Call for a Hassle Free Sleep Consultation:  305.326.4000
Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses provide comfort and therapeutic support that many find to be a life changing investment.  To learn more about the TEMPUR®-Contour Select, call Brickell Mattress for a hassle-free Sleep Consultation.  Our sleep experts are happy to assist you in finding the ideal sleep solution that will have you feeling well rested and genuinely rejuvenated.

Call 305.326.4000 to speak with a Brickell Mattress Sleep Expert, or contact us online to schedule a showroom appointment.  For location information and directions to our storefront, please click here.