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Made by: Cool Foam

Lavish Top-to-bottom Luxury

  • 2” 8lb SELECT-HD™ Comfort Layer

  • 4” 5.3lb SELECT™ Support Layer

  • High Conformity to Body

  • COOLMAX cover


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Quite Possibly the Finest Memory Foam Mattress Ever Constructed

One of the most popular mattresses in the world, the Grandis-HD™ is designed for only those who desire exceptional craftsmanship, lavish top-to-bottom luxury, and unmatched pressure relief.

  • Height: 15”
  • Feel:  Medium-Soft
  • Conformity to Body:  High
  • Ideal for:  Side, Back, & Stomach Sleepers
  • Breathable, Eco-friendly Soy-based Memory Foam

From cashmere-silk outer cover to breathable COOLTECH™ base, the opulence of the Grandis-HD promises a serene escape from the stress and tension of everyday routine.  A featured Luxury Product by AOL® review community, the Grandis-HD delivers the feel of grandeur at a price that is up to 40% less than other luxury brands.  

A Note from Our Sleep Experts:
The Grandis-HD is designed to accommodate back, side, and stomach-sleepers who desire a Medium-soft mattress.  To learn more about the Grandis-HD, guests are invited to call our team at 305.326.4000.  It is our pleasure to offer expert sleep advice, consultation, and complementary mattress recommendations to help you find a mattress that exceeds your expectations!  

The Grandis-HD delicately combines 2 inches of 8lb SELECT-HD™ foam with an underlying 4 inch comfort layer, delivering 6 total inches of highly compressible memory foam that’s ready to conform to each unique curve of your body.  SELECT-HD has been designed to provide the same overall feel as other memory foam brands at a fraction of the cost.  Select Foam customers save up to 40% when choosing the Grandis-HD over the Tempur-Pedic GrandBed:

  • Comfort Layer:  2” 8lb SELECT-HD™ Foam
  • Mattress Core:  4” 5.3lb SELECT™ Support Layer
  • Cooling Chamber:  Channeled COOLTECH™ Layer
  • Base:  Extra-thick polyurethane foam for added support and longevity
  • Overall:  Contains 60% more memory foam cells than original foam mattresses
  • Compare to Tempur-Pedic® Grand Bed, save up to 40%!

Next Generation Ultra Breathable, Eco-Friendly Memory Foam

Ultra Breathable Foam
Unlike the “egg crate” design of other luxury brands, the Grandis-HD Cooling Chamber is designed with elongated channels that run the length of each mattress to facilitate continual end-to-end airflow all night long.  Maximum airflow is generated from top-to-bottom as well, as 100% soy based mattresses are more breathable compared to traditional petroleum-based models.  Top things off with a newly designed COOLMAX™ cover, and you will find that the Regalis-HD promotes full air circulation through both cover and mattress to deliver a sleep experience that is cool, dry, and tranquil. 
Eco-Friendly Design
Select Foam™ implements next generation technologies to make the production and distribution of memory foam mattresses as Eco-friendly as possible.  Each Grandis-HD is made from 100% all-natural plant based products, significantly reducing carbon emissions and environment impact throughout each step of the manufacturing process.  From production facility to your doorstep, no mattress does more to protect the Earth while keeping money in your pocket.   

Call for a Hassle Free Sleep Consultation:  305.326.4000

To learn more about the Select Foam Grandis-HD, call Brickell Mattress for a hassle-free Sleep Consultation.  Our sleep experts are happy to assist you in finding the a bedding solution that will ultimately exceed your expectations.

Call 305.326.4000 to speak with a Brickell Mattress Sleep Expert, or contact us online to schedule a showroom appointment.  For location information and directions to our storefront, please click here.