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Our Best Seller!

  • 12” Profile

  • Plush Euro Box-top

  • 95% Waveless

  • 20 Year Warranty


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Introducing our softest and best selling waterbed:  The Mediterranean.  Achieve a deep level of serene, restorative sleep on the Mediterranean’s artfully designed Fluid Support System and memory foam sleep layer.  

The Mediterranean Waterbed, at a glance:

  • 12” Profile
  • Belgian Medicotte cover
  • Ultra Plush European Box-top
  • Sleep Layer:  2” Supersoft Quiltflex™ foam
  • 95% Waveless – No “Sloshing” Water Movement
  • Made in the USA with 20 Year Warranty

Today’s Waterbeds are manufactured with a level precision and attention to detail that makes for an ultra-supportive, water-tight bedding product that will last.  Each day, more and more people are introduced to the medical benefits of sleeping on tranquil, waveless water, and their lives are forever changed.  

The Base:  Inside the Mediterranean Fluid Support System

Here’s a look inside the all-new Mediterranean Fluid Support System that makes it all possible:

9000 Series Dual Bladder
The 9000 Series Dual Bladder is the key behind the Mediterranean’s Fluid Support System.  Made from 24 Mil premium vinyl, the 9000 Dual Series Bladder safely and securely contains the water that will provide the underlying foundation for support during use.  

The Mediterranean is the only Waterbed in its class to have a 4-way Hook and Eyelet Tethered Support System to reinforce the corners of the bladder with added thickness and durability.  As an added precaution, the Mediterranean comes reinforced with Hi-Density Poly-foam side rails that border the bladder to prevent accidental leakage.  

Multi-Zoned Support Layers
To prevent disruptive water transfer, the base of the Mediterranean’s bladder has been outfitted with 8-layer Multi-Zoned Support Layers.  When your body presses down on the surface of the bed, these Support Layers effectively calm any water that is displaced.  This maintains a tranquil sleeping surface that is up to 95% Waveless.

Thermal Guardian Touch-Temp Digital Heater
Each Mediterranean Waterbed comes with a Thermal Guardian Touch-Temp Digital Heater to help you control water temperature with an accuracy of up to 0.1 degree!  With the Thermal Guardian Touch-Temp, you can quickly and easily set a custom temperature for your Mediterranean Waterbed and keep it there permanently.  

The Top Layer:  A Plush, Allergen-free European Box-top

The key to the Mediterranean Waterbed’s ultra-plush feel and pressure relieving support lies in the top layer.  A European Box-top pillowtop rests upon the Mediterranean’s Fluid Support System, providing essential body support and alignment through a 2” Supersoft Quiltflex™ foam insert.  The pillowtop is enveloped in a clean cotton Belgian Medicotte cover that is both antibacterial and antimicrobial, helping you get a full night’s rest free of allergens and harmful bacteria!

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