Brickell Mattress Risk Free Trial Period | Comfort Guarantee

Brickell Mattress’ goal is to provide you with outstanding sleep. There is no such thing as a perfect mattress; there is, however, a perfect mattress for you. We take extraordinary measures to match each and every customer with the right mattress, including sleep consultations, sleep goal profiles, and mattress testings.

Unfortunately, it is possible to end up with the wrong mattress. You may not realize this for many weeks after purchasing your mattress from us. This is why we’ve instituted a “Risk Free Comfort Guarantee”.

If you purchase a mattress from us and decide it is not for you, you have 90 days from the time of purchase to select a new mattress of equal or lesser value from our store free of charge.  If the mattress you decide to go with is more expensive than the mattress you first selected, we will subtract the full purchase price of the original mattress from the price of your new mattress.

Our goal is to match you with the bed that best meets your sleep needs and desires. We will not rest until your sleeping easy.