Editor’s Pick: Best Cali King Mattresses in Miami

Couple Laying in Cali King Size BedDid you know that the weather affects your sleeping pattern? In fact, the warmer the weather is, the less sleep you need and the better your mood after waking up. So what is the best city to sleep in? Miami, Florida, of course!

People in Miami sleep around 7 hours a night compared to up to 10 hours in colder, dreary cities. That means if you live and sleep in Miami, you really need to make your sleeping hours count by taking time to unwind in the evening, coloring your bedroom in cool and soothing tones, and of course, invest in the best bed or mattress you can find.

A good and often overlooked option is a California King size bed. This relatively new mattress size (introduced in the 1960’s) which was created in California – that is why it is called California King, was originally designed for celebrities and athletes. Cal King beds have steadily gained popularity and this size is the perfect choice for a long or narrow room, as well as taller people.

Who Should Sleep on a Cali King?

The Cal King is longer and narrower than a regular eastern king. Cali King bed dimensions are 72” x 84” while an eastern king is76”x 80”. That means a Cal King is 4” longer and 4” skinnier.

As people get taller, these beds are become more than just a luxury. Those extra 4” of length make a huge difference to people whose feet would otherwise be hanging off the end of the bed.

A Great Mattress for Couples!

The Cali King size bed is ideal for couples who like to be close. It gives each person has 36” on their side of the bed, so you still have your own space, but you stay close enough to cuddle. This size is also a good option for an individual sleeper who likes to spread out, but find a regular king bed just too big. Cali King beds have become the choice of interior designers who look to balance out large bedrooms. Cal King mattresses are the perfect scale for the narrow sleeping quarters of a yacht

So where is the best place to get a Cal King bed in Miami? Brickell Mattress is Miami’s premier mattress store. They offer Cal King beds, Cal King Air Beds, all natural latex beds in Cal King size, and even ultra luxury beds like Carpe Diem and Vispring in Cali King size. They have something for everyone, with Cal King bed prices ranging from $1,000 to $40,000.

At Brickell Mattress you can also find split Cal King Beds, where each side of the bed is like its own separate mattress. You can even add an adjustable base that lifts you head, or feet, massages your body and plays music.

Undecided? Visit Brickell Mattress to Try a Cali King!

Not sure if the Cal King size is right for you? Visit Brickell Mattress , South Florida’s specialty sleep store at 1030 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130, and lie down on some Cal King beds to see if it’s a good fit. As always, our Sleep Experts are available to help you find the size and feel that is just right for you.

For more information on mattresses and complimentary sleep consultations at Brickell Mattress, contact a Sleep Expert at 305-326-4000.

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