The Benefits of Natural Latex

Posted October 12th, 2017 in natural latex by coreyconsulting

latexNaturalWhen people hear the words ‘latex mattress’, they tend to mistakenly think of a chemical, which latex is not. In fact, latex is a natural material and when utilized in a mattress, it offers a tremendous world of benefits.

For starters, sleeping on a latex mattress is an incredibly comfortable experience that also provides plenty of support where it counts. Similar to these mattresses conform to the shape of your body to ensure the body is properly supported and the spine remains aligned as you sleep. On top of that, the cushioning for pressure points means your hips and shoulders remain in a comfortable position for a wonderful night’s sleep, reducing or entirely removing the risk of pressure point discomfort.

Concerned about dust mites or mildew? Don’t be. Natural latex is highly resistant to these as well as mold. This is a major benefit if you happen to suffer from allergies.

Perhaps the biggest perk of natural latex besides its optimum comfort is the ease of customization. If you share your bedroom with someone else, these mattresses allow for differing levels of firmness so that you can both enjoy a restful night’s sleep without having to compromise.

Another important thing to take into consideration is durability. While an innerspring mattress can last about five years or so, natural latex wildly outperforms it. These mattresses can last up to two decades or more, saving you money in the long run and potentially lots of unnecessary aches and pains due to mattress deterioration and discomfort.

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