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While you may think waterbeds are a thing of the past, the selection available at Brickell Mattress is unlike any you’ve ever seen.  When people think of a waterbed, they think of the super “sloshy” waterbeds popular in the 1970s.  The waterbeds of today have come a long way. They are no longer only available as hard-sided beds, but also come in a soft-sided form that looks just like a regular mattress.  They aren’t just “bags of water” any more, but are “fluid support systems” that are composed of many layers of natural fibers that reduce water movement and offer better support. You may be surprised, but the modern waterbeds of today are among the bedding industry’s most comfortable mattresses available.

Types of Waterbeds:

1. Soft-sided Waterbed

This waterbed looks just like a regular mattress, as the bladder of water rests in a cavity within the soft outer layer. Over top of the bladder is the mattress cover, which can have a myriad of materials for added comfort, including: latex foam, cotton, and many others.  Soft-sided waterbeds are great because they not only reduce the risk of puncture and are less bulky, but also give your bedroom a modern, original appearance.

2. Hard-sided Waterbeds

While we don’t have any in our showroom at Brickell Mattress, we do offer hard-sided waterbeds for order through our website.  This type of waterbed is what people typically envision. With this bed, you rest directly on the bladder of water with a wood frame supporting the bladder.

Why do People Choose Brickell Mattress’s Waterbeds?

1. Heat preference

  • Waterbeds solve the age-old problem of different heat preferences between couples—you can set the temperature of your side of the bed to the nearest .1 degree!  Women generally prefer warmer sleep surfaces than men, allowing for customization by each person.

2. Fluid Support System

  • Fiberfill bladders offer excellent lumbar and spinal support, reducing pressure points and giving you a seamless sleeping experience.

3. Waterbeds are proven to be the best for arthritis and rheumatism

4. Extremely durable, last many years.

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