A Brief History of Vispring

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Once known as Vi-Spring, the history of Vispring begins in 1899 when English engineer James Marshall was working in Canada. When his wife became ill, Marshall sought to create a support system built by hand to assist her, utilizing coiled springs wrapped in materials such as horsehair. These coils were frequently used in chair seats but seemingly no one thought to integrate them into a mattress. This pocketed coil would eventually cement its place in history as the Marshall coil.

Two years later, a pair of Marshall Mattress agents named Frederick James and John Nolon decided to promote John Marshall’s innovative mattress across Britain after receiving patent rights. After numerous local manufacturers failed to see the potential, the pair chose to take the do-it-yourself approach and began producing Marshall’s mattress themselves, launching what was then known as The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company.

In 1911, The Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company rebranded itself and became what we know today as Vispring, The following year, its mattresses had become famous enough they were utilized in none other than the Titanic as well as The Queen Mary ocean liner. By the 1920s the company was expanding upon its use of natural materials by incorporating luxurious materials like silk and cashmere. In 1932, Vispring debuted the world’s first pocket-sprung divan called the Vibase.

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