Adjustable Bed Store Serving Fort Lauderdale, Leggett & Platt

Posted August 17th, 2011 in adjustable beds by BrickellMattress

The Area’s Only Adjustable Bed Center | 305-326-4000


Adjustable Beds bring Luxurious Convenience


Even though Fort Lauderdale is home to many elderly folks, the fact of the matter is there is just no place offering any sort of respectable adjustable bed selection outside of Brickell Mattress in Miami.  Located off of exit 2, Brickell Mattress carries the complete line of Leggett & Platt adjustable beds, Reverie Adjustable Beds, and Ergomotion Adjustable Beds.


Brickell Mattress is also the only company that is offering a free trial on these items. That is, except for the times when they are giving them away for FREE. That’s right, Brickell Mattress actually gives away free adjustable beds with the purchase of most mattresses.  Come to the store at 1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33130 or call 305-326-4000.


An adjustable bed is the perfect accessory for the bedroom, whether you are an elderly person, in good health, a bachelor, etc. Everyone can see an improvement in the quality of their time spent in bed with an adjustable base.


And today adjustable bases are not just for old folks; today they are serious luxury products. Imagine climbing into bed and with the touch of your iphone, the adjustable bed raises your head and your feet to preset positions, while a sophisticated 16 way massage feature quietly lulls you to sleep. Imagine being able to stop your partners snoring with the click of a button!! Our adjustable beds allow you to raise your partner up the predetermined amount to stop snoring.


Everything is better with an adjustable bed! Television in bed no longer has to take a toll on your back or neck. Nor does reading. Imagine rising slightly for breakfast in bed, with the bed’s sophisticated massager therapeutically massaging your every curve into a state of tension-free bliss.


Ideally you should match your adjustable base with a natural latex mattress. Brickell Mattress also carries AirBeds that are compatiable, although very few other companies have compatible air beds for adjustable bases.



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