Miami’s Only Dedicated Adjustable Bed Retailer- Over 6 Brands

Posted November 17th, 2011 in adjustable beds by BrickellMattress

South Florida’s leading adjustable bed retailer company for Miami is Brickell Mattress. This is not a marketing claim, this is a fact. Brickell carries the largest selection of adjustable beds in one retail showroom in the entire nation, including a high-tech model that can be controlled by your iPhone!


If you’re not familiar with adjustable beds, think about hospital beds. Typically, the adjustable base is used to replace the ordinary foundation your mattress now sits on. You’ve probably seen adjustable beds on television commercials and wondered if the hype was justified. Well, consider this. The ability to adjust the bed to fit your optimal sleeping position offers many benefits.

Adjustable beds offer health and entertainment benefits. For example, hospital beds are often adjustable beds due to the fact they reduce pressure points and allow for better blood circulation in patients. Many of today’s adjustable beds offer massage systems, remotes, and increased comfort. When you read or watch TV, your adjustable bed will offer you more comfort than a traditional mattress. We carry all the brands.


The average person spends about 6-8 hours of every 24-hour day in their bed. This equates to spending approximately 1/3 of your life in your bedroom. Any place you spend that much time should be comfortable and relaxing. As a matter of fact, a supportive, comfortable bed is a critical part of getting a good night’s rest and is vital for providing back support while you sleep. An adjustable bed can mean the difference between waking up revived and refreshed and awakening tired and stiff.

Many adjustable beds and hospital beds offer the ability to adjust each side of the bed independently of the other which is perfect for couples. If your partner prefers a different sleeping position than you do, adjustable beds may be the answer to your prayers. Phone orders are available or you can just come on in to our Miami showroom located at the following address.

Brickell Mattress
1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33130

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