The Best Beds in the World; Vi-Spring Ultra-Luxury Beds

Posted June 20th, 2013 in Luxury Beds by cnelson

They are the makers of the finest beds in the world and have truly defined what it means for a mattress brand to be Ultra-Luxury. Surrounded by a rich history, the company of Vi-Spring has been refining mattress design for almost a century, perfecting it to make a product that is meant to cradle you in luxurious comfort. By producing natural handmade mattresses that are filled with the world’s finest materials for a bed, Vi-Spring has truly set the precedent for what all mattresses should be.

The conventional inner spring mattress would not have been around if it weren’t for Vi-Spring. The founder of Vi-Spring, British-born engineer James Marshall, was the first to develop an individually pocketed coil design in 1900. Ever since then, Vi-Spring has been refining their design, leading the world in quality and performance. The Regal Superb, Vi-Spring’s premier entry-level mattress has been successful with the same basic design which has been on the market for 90 years, a symbol of Vi-Spring’s longstanding quality and craftsmanship. The care that is taken with each bed is astoundingly meticulous. For every bed is made individually to order and entirely by hand. With the use of strong supple vanadium steel springs and a unique pocket coil design supplemented by exotic yet sensible materials like Alpaca, horsetail hair, coconut husk, cashmere, bamboo, silk, organic cotton, and wool from the Shetland Isle, Vi-Spring makes a bed with a truly legendary support system that is also incredibly breathable and sleeps cooler than any other. These beds are built to stand the test of time, when normal beds average a maximum life of 10 years, the average Vi-Spring will hold up for as long as 30 years without signs of aging. With so much time invested into each perfect bed, Vi-Spring mattresses are works of art as much as they are beds. This gives real meaning to the crowning model of the Vi-Spring collection The Masterpiece, this mattress embodies perfection.

From my own personal experience with a night on this bed, I could simply not believe that a mattress could make such a difference in the way I felt. It left me feeling, energized, rejuvenated, and renewed. Words do not give Vi-Spring mattresses justice, they offer a feel that simply cannot be explained in words. One can only understand this explainable comfort if they experience it for themselves. Vi-Spring mattresses can be found at www.brickellmattress.com, or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a sleep professional. If you are interested in seeing these beds in person, Brickell Mattress will fly you down to their store in Miami so see the beds in person. The Queen of England sleeps on a Vi-Spring, don’t you also deserve to sleep like royalty?


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