Why is a Good Night’s Sleep so Important?

The importance of a full night of sleep is often underestimated

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is important, but not everyone knows the specifics as to why. Sleeping well improves your mood, increases mental clarity and aids in weight loss. Most adults usually tend to sleep 63 percent of the recommended eight hours and don’t receive the maximum benefits of a full night’s rest.

Sleep Boosts Brainpower

During the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle, your brain works to solve problems by boosting creative thinking— most likely by establishing new communication pathways in the brain. Ultimately, a good night’s sleep will allow your brain to think peacefully.

Sleep Improves Performance

A good night’s sleep doesn’t just provide you with a clear head and better focus; it also is essential in terms of performance. A study was conducted on basketball players at Stanford University that concluded that a good night’s sleep improved speed and free throw accuracy, reaction time off the starting blocks and kick strokes by .51 seconds.

Sleep Aids Weight Loss

Did you know that going to bed early could help you control your appetite? Those who go to bed later tend to eat more calories after 8 p.m. than those who went to be earlier. This is because when you’re tired, ghrelin (the hormone that regulates hunger) rises while leptin (the hormone that regulates satiety) decreases.

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