Brickell Mattress Offer on Groupon

Posted April 4th, 2012 in Uncategorized by BrickellMattress

Groupon Offer: Eco-Cool Bamboo 8-Inch

Hey Guys! We are giving away a mattress at our cost on Groupon so that we can introduce Miami en masse to what a Specialty Sleep Store is all about….

Brickell Mattress, South Florida’s Only Specialty Sleep Store, sells natural latex, airbeds, waterbeds and adjustable beds. Groupon and Brickell Mattress have partnered to offer an incredible deal on our top selling mattresses. For a limited time, you can purchase a mattress for $399!


  • The Ortho-Pedic Base layer encourages proper spinal alignment, and is also eco-friendly. This provides a strong yet flexible base.
  • The stretch bamboo cover is washable, and is made with all green elements. It has a zipper and can be easily removed from the mattress. Made with natural bamboo, it has a silky-soft feel that allows for maximum airflow. It naturally keeps you cool and comfortable.

The benefits of mattresses are widely known, ranging from a generally high quality of sleep,

to back pain relief, higher circulation, and less tossing and turning. Thousands of cells work in conjunction to cradle your body, offering unparalleled support and leading to proper spinal alignment. Traditional innerspring mattresses leave you with sharp pressure points.


If you are unsatisfied with the Mattress, Brickell Mattress will give you store credit of $399/$449 PLUS $100 for your trouble to spend on any other mattress in our showroom. Out Goal is to provide you with great sleep. Period.

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