Is It Time For a New Luxury Mattress

could-you-have-a-sleep-disorderIt is no surprise that sleep plays an important roll in your overall health, but it may be a bit astonishing to find out how critical your mattress is in this equation.  To put it in simple turns, sleeping on a bad mattress is like trying to scuba dive without the right equipment. In a 2011 poll, by the National Sleep Foundation over 90 percent of people said a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep.

By now, I’m sure we’ve heard all the benefits of getting a good nights rest from, weight loss, to a longer life span. What most people aren’t aware of are the negative effects of sleeping on a low quality mattress.

Not only is sleeping on a low quality mattress uncomfortable, but studies have shown that sleeping on a bad mattress effects stress levels, allergies, and mood. That doesn’t even include the negative effects it can have on your back.  Here are some signs that you might be ready for a new luxury mattress. If you are no longer sleeping like you used to it may time for a new mattress, especially of you’re sleeping better away from home.  You don’t need to wait for the springs to start popping out to know that its time to move on.  Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells you shed, and a whole host of them can be found in and on your bed. As many as 20 million Americans are allergic to the dust mites, so if your allergies are acting up more than usual it may be time to upgrade to a luxury mattress. Another key sign that its time to part ways is if you’re experiencing worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, etc. before bed. These symptoms maybe related to sleep quality and maybe signs that you need a new mattress.

The most important thing to remember is when it comes to your health; sleep is not something you can sacrifice. So when choosing your new luxury mattress, remember you can’t truly put a price tag on good sleep.

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