Improve Your Sleep Position and Rest Well

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As we all know sleep is a fundamental part of our lives, but did you know that your sleep position impacts your overall rest? Your sleep position can be the source of certain issues, for instance, lack of energy in the morning, aches and pains, snoring and even wrinkles. Research has shown that on your back is the best sleep position because it helps avoid neck and back pain, reduces acid reflux and minimizes wrinkles.

Time to Start Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back aligns the neck and spine to ensure that there are no extra curves in your back while sleeping on your luxury mattress. The worst sleep position is lying on your stomach. This is because it can produce snoring and put pressure on your joints and muscles, irritating nerves that can lead to pain and numbness.

sleep positions

What Your Sleep Position Says About You

Interestingly, sleep positions can indicate your personality type in addition to determining how well you’ll sleep. Professor Chris Idzkowski has studied six of the most common sleep positions and has concluded that each position (fetus, log, yearner, soldier, freefall and starfish) is linked to a specific type of personality.

• Fetus (curled up with your knees to your chest) – This sleep position suggests that you are tough-skinned, sensitive at heart, emotional, and shy at first but develop a comfort zone rather quickly.

• Log (on your side with your hands against your side)– This sleep position suggests that you are a social and easygoing person, very trusting of strangers and sometimes gullible.

• Yearner (on your side with arms stretched out in front of you) – This sleep position suggests that you have an open nature, tend to be suspicious and are slow to make up your mind.

• Soldier (on your back with your hands against your side) – This sleep position suggests that you are sometimes quiet and reserved, and tend to set high standards for yourself and others.

• Freefall (on your stomach with arms sprawled out on pillow) – This sleep position suggests that you are outgoing and brash, but also fearless and thin-skinned. You are not fond of criticism or extreme situations.

• Starfish (on your back with arms sprawled out on pillow) – This sleep position suggests you are good at making friends, are an excellent listener, offer help when necessary and don’t like to be the center of attention.

We spend most of our time sleeping in one of these positions. Whether it’s the best or the worst sleep position, a luxury mattress can be sure to give you that good night’s rest you’ve been waiting for!

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