Miami Mattress Store Problems Addressed by Brickell Mattress

The Awful Truth – An Insiders View of the Miami Mattress Industry

Miami is an incredibly vibrant city growing at an astonishing rate.  With this growth, these people need to know where to find beds.  After living in the Miami area for over 6 years (Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, South Miami, and now Brickell), I’ve learned a thing or two about the Miami mattress industry.  This blog is intended to give you a brief understanding of some tricks and malpractices of local Miami mattress retailers, and the steps Brickell Mattress have taken to address them.

Miami Mattress Tricks and Out-Dated Business Practices Exposed!

1. The mattress with the highest profit margin will be promoted to you as the best.

Salesman are taught in the Miami mattress industry to sell you the “best” bed, when, in actuality, it is the bed the retailer makes the most money on.  Do your due diligence!  Read what the mattress is composed of and decide for yourself.

Does this really help you find the best bed?

2. Terrible Presentation and Out-Dated Mattress Collections

Let’s face it, mattresses are about as exciting to buy as used cars….but it shouldn’t be that way!  Miami mattress retailers such as zzzmattress, mattress firm, and mattress giant pack as many beds as they can into their stores, barrage you with sales signs and numbers at every corner,and light the store with anxiety-inducing fluorescent lighting.

To top it off, many of these retailers promote last year’s mattress lineup from the 3 S’s (Serta, Sealy, Simmons), as this year’s mattress collection.  Why do they do this?  They know that the customer really won’t be able to tell the difference and need to get rid of their excess inventory.

3. The Customer is Not Always First

I hate to say it because I’ve seen it, but some Miami mattress retailers will train someone for a week and then throw him/her out on the sales floor.  Do you want to be hassled by a pushy, unskilled salesman for a few hours while considering to invest thousands of dollars in a purchase?—I sure don’t.

Mattress lineups should be arranged in a layout convenient to the customer (segregated by firmness, type of mattress, price).  Unfortunately, more often than not, Miami mattress retailers have jumbled, jig-saw-puzzle store floors.

4. Owners are as Old as Dinosaurs

There’s a reason why marketing in the Miami mattress industry hasn’t changed in say…..50 years- owners are old!  The sheep-jumping-over the fence, free shipping marketing strategies Miami mattress stores use are about inventive as a rock. The names of some mattress products I’ve seen are reminiscent of the 1950s: “Go-go gadget Sleep Massager!” We’re in the 2000s, it’s time for mattress companies to catch up with the times.


Brickell Mattress- New, Honest, Inventive

Brickell Mattress is owned by a group of young entrepreneurs aged 24 to 33.  We have the products and services to make every generation of consumer feel good. From the baby-boomers who are simply looking for honest, personal-tailored help to get them a better night’s sleep, to Generation X who want and expect service from a company up-to-date with modern day technology and social networking- Brickell Mattress works to serve all.

Now, we’re not perfect, but Brickell Mattress has attempted to address some aforementioned issues in the Miami mattress industry.  When people walk into our store we want them to instantly relax and feel at home.  Our collections of latex foam, airbeds, waterbeds, and adjustable beds are tastefully displayed amongst modern art. The store layout is designed to feel open, inviting, and convenient.  A sleep expert will greet you and ask if you’d like any help, but are trained to leave you alone if you don’t want it.  Each mattress is displayed with a “mattress menu”- easy-to-read material describing the composition of the bed. You are able to peruse this information at your leisure in our Free-Wifi Coffee lounge.  Ready to make a purchase?  Our fast checkout can get you an emailed receipt in under 2 minutes.  And for the crème-de la crème, Brickell Mattress offers the free VIP service of in-home installation.  Sorry Miami mattress retailers, there are new kids on the block.

Brickell Mattress

1030 SW 8th Street, Miami, Florida 33130


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