Luxury Carpe Diem Mattresses in Miami; The Most Comfortable Bed in the World

Posted June 26th, 2013 in Luxury Beds by cnelson

Brickell Mattress provides the Miami area with one of the finest and most exclusive selections of Ultra-Luxury beds in the world. However, there is one bed that is a cut above the rest, a bed borne from meticulous Swedish handmade craftsmanship meant to provide an incomparable sleep experience,truly unlike any other. This bed is the crown jewel of the Ultra-Luxury bed maker Carpe Diem and deserves the name of the most elegant and comfortable bed in the world, this bed is the Skaftö.

Built with exquisite design and providing unparalleled comfort, the Skaftö is truly the ultimate mattress in every respect. Carpe Diem has gone to great lengths with the crown of its collection to simply provide the most comfortable and most elegant bed in the world. Handmade from the finest natural materials originating from sustainable and ecofriendly sources, this bed is made to provide a natural sleep experience unlike any other. The Skaftö utilizes a Carpe Diem signature bottom segment that is designed to work with the rest of the bed, providing arguably the world’s finest pressure relief system, and adding a therapeutic character to the Skaftö that is truly unmatched. This bottom segment is then supplemented by a dual layer transverse-longitudinal pocket spring system that is very possibly the most advanced system to be seen in a bed anywhere thus far, providing a level of pressure relief, comfort, and support that can be found only in the best of Carpe Diem. What really allows the Skaftö to excel above the rest of the Carpe Diem beds is the use of unique mid body leveling adjusters which provide exceptional lumbar support, a feature that will make morning back pain a thing of the past. The Skaftö is then topped off with an exclusive top mattress of organic cotton and 100% natural wool, acting in tandem with a mid-mattress layer of 100% natural Oeko-Tex certified latex, a combination that provides legendary comfort that can only be offered by Carpe Diem. The Swedish bed company of Carpe Diem has been voted in Scandinavia the best mattress company seven years in a row , a testament to the quality and comfort offered by their legendary beds. If you are looking for the most elegant and most comfortable bed in the world, there is absolutely no other bed that can compete with the legendary Carpe Diem Skaftö.

You can absolutely only experience this bed for yourself, for no picture or no words give it justice. For more information and to schedule a personalized visit go to www.brickellmattress.com or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a luxury sleep professional who will assist you with everything that you need. If you do not live in the Miami area and would like to experience The Skaftö for yourself, Brickell Mattress will fly you down to Miami for free to see these beds. Redefine your meaning of sleep, experience the bed that changes lives, experience the Carpe Diem Skaftö.



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