Coral Gables Organic Latex Mattresses, Natural Talalay Beds

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Coral Gables is one of the finest cities in America, but until now there has never been a Mattress Store offering Natural Latex Mattresses in Coral Gables. Fortunately, we at Brickell Mattress™ decided to change that. Our Mattress Boutique, centrally located just outside of Coral Gables near Brickell, has Florida’s largest selection of Organic Talalay Latex Mattresses. In addition to Natura™- the #1 selling manufacturer of natural beds- Brickell Mattress also carries their store brand: Select Foam™.
Latex Beds have exploded in popularity for three reasons:

  1. Latex Mattresses are resilient; this means that they have the bouncy feel of spring mattresses, which is good for people that want the health benefits of a specialty sleep mattress, with the traditional feel they are used to.
  2. Latex is by far the most natural, “Green” material used in bedding today. Though not all latex is natural, all the latex used in beds at Brickell Mattress is 100% Natural, and is derived directly from the rubber tree. Because they are made with many yards of Wool and Cotton, our beds are considered completely Organic.

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Coral gables finally has a Specialty Sleep store to serve its discerning citizens. Visit us any day of the week, or call to make an appointment. We have luxury latex mattresses priced from $999. Thank you for your time in reading this post, and SLEEP WELL.


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