Three Tips on How to Care for Your Luxury Mattress

Once you have purchased your luxury mattress, you will want to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible! Below are three, simple mattress care tips and three resulting benefits to help you prolong the life of your luxury mattress:

  1. If you select to sleep on a King or Queen sized mattress, your bed frame must have a center leg to support the middle.
  1. We recommend that your mattress be rotated once a year to ensure balance and long-term sustainability, starting with an initial rotation after six months.
  1. If your mattress becomes soiled, we recommend that you use a small amount of antibacterial soap and a warm damp sponge to clean it.

In following these three tips, you will enjoy the following benefits maintaining your luxury mattress has to offer:

  1. Our luxury mattresses will mold and contour to your body shape and sleeping positions while relaxing pressure points usually experienced on inexpensive beds.
  1. Luxury mattresses have more cushioning than inexpensive beds. The extra cushioning allows for maximum performance and balanced support.
  1. Our luxury mattresses are designed to last for more than the average of 8 to 10 years with normal usage – it will last longer if maintained!

At Brickell Mattress, we offer the finest selection of innerspring, water and latex mattresses available on the market today. After being in the bedding industry for over 8 years, we know what you’re looking for and what’s important to you when selecting a mattress. We are here to satisfy your need for quality sleep with our quality mattresses. Contact us today for a sleep consultation!

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