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Contour 8"

Made by: Tempur-Pedic

Essential Support & Alignment

  • 0.8” TEMPUR Comfort Layer

  • 2.8” TEMPUR Support Layer

  • Medium Conformity to Body

  • Multi-fiber Knit Cover

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Contour 8"


Experience the Miracle of Memory Foam

The TEMPUR®-Contour is a no-frills memory foam mattress that provides the essential elements of a truly rehabilitative night’s rest:  Spinal alignment, pressure-relief, and total body comfort. 

  • 8” Profile  
  • 0.8” TEMPUR Comfort Layer
  • 2.8” TEMPUR Support Layer
  • Medium Conformity to Body
  • Removable/Launderable Multi-fiber Knit Cover

A back-sleeper’s haven, the Contour holds you in all the right places to promote healthy spinal alignment, reduced body tension, and an unparalleled level of deep and restorative sleep.

A Note from Our Sleep Experts:
The TEMPUR-Contour is a Firm mattress with a low 8” profile.  It is recommended for back-sleepers only, as the foam may be too firm to promote proper body alignment when lying on your side or stomach.  Side and Stomach-Sleepers:  We are happy to assist you in finding a more suitable memory foam alternative.  Simply call our team for a no-obligation Sleep Consultation at 305.326.4000.

TEMPUR® Foam: Essential Pressure Relief & Support
The Tempur-Pedic company is perhaps the best-known manufacturer of high-end sleep solutions, particularly memory foam mattresses.  When you purchase the TEMPUR-Contour, you are investing in a company that has spent more than two decades creating a brand image that is synonymous with high-end luxury.  With that name brand comes a product that is sure to deliver optimal body alignment, therapeutic support, and an overall healthier quality of rest.  

TEMPUR® Material

  • Firm, ultra-supportive feel derived from a high-density TEMPUR™ foam comfort layer.
  • Feel a more comfortable state of sleep through advanced total body pressure relief.
  • Sleep uninterrupted, as the Contour minimizes motion transfer and nighttime disturbances.
  • Achieve a near-perfect fit with TEMPUR foam as it contours along the curves of your body.
  • Quickly fall asleep as you feel a newfound sense of comfort from proper body support and alignment.

Call for a Hassle Free Sleep Consultation:  305.326.4000
Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattresses provide comfort and therapeutic support that many find to be a life changing investment.  Call Brickell Mattress for a hassle-free Sleep Consultation to learn more about the TEMPUR®-Contour.  Our sleep experts are happy to assist you in finding a memory foam mattress that will meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.

Call 305.326.4000 to speak with a Brickell Mattress Sleep Expert, or contact us online to schedule a showroom appointment.  For location information and directions to our storefront, please click here.