The Best Memory Foam Store in Miami

Hand touching memory foam mattressMemory foam’s popularity has exploded over the last decade. Tempurpedic started it, but now there are manufacturers and stores everywhere selling memory foam. In fact, there are more than 100 mattress stores in the Miami area that carry memory foam beds. You can’t drive down any major street without passing a memory foam mattress store. Unfortunately, many of these stores over-promise and under-deliver.

So, how can know which store is the best memory foam store in Miami?


Best of the Best: What to Look for in a Memory Foam Store

Finding a new memory foam bed or mattress is about more than just product testing. Today, there are many varieties of mattresses out there. Each unique memory foam composition offers unique benefits (while some are low quality and must be avoided). To find the best store and sales team, consider each of the items below.

  1. Selection

The best memory foam store should have a good selection so that you can find your perfect bed. Some stores have only a few beds on the floor and once you come through the door they tell you the three beds they are showing are good, better and best and everything out there is the same. This just is not true. Brickell Mattress in Miami has more than 30 mattresses on their sales floor and each and everyone feels different and offers different solutions for different needs, desires and budgets.

  1. Quality

We have all seen the mattress set propped up outside a store with a $69 tag on it. This is not a bed you want to spend a third of your life on. A quality mattress is one that will last and feel just as comfortable on the 500th night as it did on the first. Look for stores that have a generous return policy and beds that have warranties against defects in materials as well as workmanship.

  1. Price

We as consumers have become so price savvy. To prevent the price comparison shoppers many mattress stores have the manufacturers “private label” the mattresses they carry. This means you could visit 5 different mattress stores, look at the same bed at each and not even know it because they all have different names. One store that does not do that is Brickell Mattress in Miami. They will honestly tell you who makes the mattresses they sell and what beds they are comparable to.

  1. Knowledgeable Staff

There is nothing worse than asking a sales person a question about a mattress on display and having them stand next to you and read off the features from the card in front of the bed. You could have done that yourself. At Brickell Mattress, each member of our sales team is a luxury Sleep Expert. They know about how sleep positions, health issues and body size affect your quality of sleep, and what kind of bed works best with each person’s individual issues.

  1. Reputation

Here is another factor that the internet has made incredibly easy for us as shoppers. You can check out a mattress store’s reputation online at sites like yelp or yahoo local. The best judge of a store’s performance is it’s past customers so find out what they experienced and avoid those places you have been warned about.

  1. Customer Support

This is about service after the sale. How fast will a store deliver your mattress? What happens if something goes wrong? Do they stand by what they sell and will they take it back if it is not all you expected?

Feel the Difference: Compare Tempurpedic & More at Brickell Mattress

Brickell Mattress is the only memory foam mattress store in Miami to offer side-by-side comparisons of the industry’s most popular foam, gel-foam, and latex mattresses. Compare Tempurpedic models side-by-side with Select Foam™ and more to find the perfect mattress and an unbeatable price.

Brickell Mattress is conveniently located at 1030 8th Street, Miami FL 33130. To learn more about our industry-leading selection of memory foam mattresses, speak with a Sleep Expert at 305-326-4000.

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