What Exactly Happens When You Sleep?

There is nothing quite like laying your head down on the pillow at night, feeling yourself drift off into another cozy night of rest. It is even better when you wake up feeling renewed and ready for the day. Sleep is an essential part of the human experience but remains quite a mystery when it comes to health science.


Here is what we know for sure:


Within minutes of falling asleep, there are significant changes in both the brain and body. Your body temperature drops, brain activity slows, along with your heart rate and respiration. Sleep scientists have narrowed down the four stages of sleeping, each lasting anywhere from 70 to 120 minutes.


In the first stage, which occurs in the first five minutes after falling asleep, all body systems are impacted by a good night’s sleep on comfortable mattresses, then transitioning into stage two, where similar things occur, but at a higher rate. It is easier to wake up at this time.


The third stage is where your body is relaxed, and the brain has the slowest activity. The third stage is the deepest part of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Deep sleep is a key part of repairing the body and assists with memory. The final stage is the only stage of REM sleep, where your brain picks up activity, and most of the body goes through temporary paralysis, except your eyes and muscles used for breathing. This is where dreams usually happen.


Most people spend most of their sleeping time in REM, occurring more often in the later parts of the night. Each person will experience all four stages, but how long they stay in them and what changes in the body occur will depend on external factors such as activity levels and sleeping environment.


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Reasons Why Sleep Supplements May Not be Working

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More than a third of American adults are not getting the sleep they need. As people continue to get insufficient sleep, sleep supplement purchases are on the rise. Maybe you have heard of ones like melatonin, or perhaps even taken one yourself. Sometimes sleep supplements are not cutting it. Here is why.


Supplements can assist in helping you get a better night’s sleep, but if you expect it to treat a significant sleep disorder or even a mild case of insomnia, chances are it will not help the way you think it should. Do not assume a sleep supplement does not work right away. You may be dealing with something a little more serious. If you notice you have had poor sleep habits for a long time, you may want to go see your doctor and talk about a treatment plan that is right for you.


Taking a sleep supplement without having a proper routine will likely render it unhelpful. A supplement is a tool that helps you fall asleep, much like top mattress brands and a luxury mattress collection. You cannot rely on any one of these things to help you fall asleep. You need a bedtime routine to allow your mind and body to wind down and get ready to sleep.


You also want to make sure that you get rid of anything that is causing you to have a poor sleep throughout the night. Maybe it is a consistent loud noise, too much caffeine in the afternoon, or alcohol before bed. Those things can make you exhausted from no sleep, even if you take a supplement. Often, those supplements help us fall asleep, not stay asleep. You want to make sure you practice good sleep hygiene and sleep routines that help with back support throughout the night.


Always get input from your doctor before starting a new supplement regime.

Are Sleep Preferences an Influence on Personality?

There is extensive research on human personality traits – what makes us tick, how we interact with one another, and what we take an interest in. A new study has added another factor in personality, and it indicates that sleep preferences could be a factor.


Sleep preference is technically known as chronotype – an individual’s natural preference for the time of day they sleep and when they feel the most alert. This is largely influenced by genetics and impacts when we go to bed, when we wake up, our appetite, and our body temperature regulation.


In a recent study conducted by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science, the results showed that a preference for morning versus evening was due in large part to genetics, along with sleep tendency. These factors were shown to indicate certain personality traits.


Those considered “night owls” were more likely to be more open-minded. “Early birds” showed more aptness to be agreeable and conscientious. The study showed that this lines up with understanding and complying with societal obligations. Night owls had a harder time adjusting to societal normalities, like a schedule centered around an early bird world.


The study also showed a higher link for night owls to a lower score in self-control, meaning substance dependence was a higher likely outcome than their morning-inclined counterparts. Societal pressures, like families, jobs, and competing schedules, could be one of the greatest causes of this trait.


Whether you are a morning or night person, one thing is for sure – getting enough sleep is essential. Sleeping on a luxury bed can make all the difference. The ViSpring Signatory Superb mattress is one of the best beds on the market for perfecting the art of sleep. Visit Brickell Mattress in-store or online to speak with one of our mattress experts on getting the perfect bed for you.

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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Sleep is essential for health, no matter your age. It boosts your mind, repairs the body to function properly, helps fight diseases, and relaxes your muscles for optimal function. However, if you have ever gone a night with minimal sleep, you know how a lack of sleep can feel like a sudden illness with the inability to focus and function normally.


While everyone needs plenty of sleep, your age will determine how much. Knowing the right amount of sleep for your age is the first step, along with evaluating your mattress condition (we recommended ViSpring Elite Mattresses), which will help you determine your sleep health. Other factors such as activity levels and overall health will also have an impact.


Children will need far more sleep than adults. For example, newborns need 14-17 hours, infants 12-15 hours, toddlers 11-14 hours, and preschoolers 10-13 hours. School-aged children (6-13 years old) need 9-11 hours of sleep, while teenagers need 8-10 hours each night. Adults (ages 18 and older) need a minimum of seven hours.


Make sleep a priority in your schedule. Budget the hours you need between social activities, work, and other responsibilities to not cut yourself short. Improving sleep hygiene – which includes not only the amount of sleep you get each night but sleeping conditions and other sleep habits – will set you up for success.


Investing in a good mattress can also help you sleep well, as they are the core support of your body and source of comfort throughout the night. A British fleece wool mattress and other luxury mattresses can help you achieve quality sleep.

The Difference Between Chronic Insomnia and a Bad Night of Sleep

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At some point, everyone will have trouble sleeping from time to time. Major stress, a poor sleeping environment, and illness can be to blame, but there are some who suffer from chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia refers to the long-term pattern of having trouble sleeping, and someone with it has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep three nights per week for at least three months.

It is estimated that 24% of Americans experience acute insomnia (occasional trouble falling asleep or only a few nights of poor sleep) every year and that 35% of those individuals will develop chronic insomnia. Insomnia can occur for many reasons, like illness and physiological issues like anxiety and depression. Some people’s genetics may play a role in the likelihood of developing insomnia too.

If ignored, it can have long-term effects like mood and memory issues. While chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders should be evaluated by a doctor, the occasional night of restlessness is easier to treat. If you have noticed your restlessness has increased, consider your sleeping environment. Is your mattress providing back support?

If not, it may be time to invest in one of the top mattress brands. Having a bed you can comfortably fall asleep on may be one of the most useful components in fighting off the occasional night of poor sleep. When you lay down each night, you should be able to successfully drift off into sleep, not lay awake for hours trying to get comfortable.

Each person has their own mattress preferences, which is why having options open to you from a mattress collection is important. Stop by Brickell Mattress in Miami. You can see a variety of mattresses, mattresses toppers, and pillows, evaluating each and ensuring they meet your needs.

4 Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health

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When it comes to a mattress, short-cutting on price is never a good idea. The right mattress can have an enormous, yet positive impact on your health, sleep quality, and overall quality of life. Poor sleep can decrease productivity during the working day and weaken the body, making it difficult to get through a long list of to-dos.

The right mattress promotes restful sleep and decreases the side effects associated with stress and anxiety. An uncomfortable mattress can build up tension in the body, and a continuation of poor sleep will ultimately skyrocket levels of stress and anxiety, insomnia, and other sleep disorders. With these risen levels comes an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, putting your body and mind through a vicious cycle. This can be prevented with a mattress that allows you to sleep well.

Misalignment of joints and muscles is common in mattresses that are worn out and provide little support. Over time, you continually wake up feeling sore and can have achy joints, along with back, hip, and neck pain. A high-quality mattress from a mattress collection at Brickell Mattress can provide your body the support it needs and allows for a healthy sleep posture. These mattresses should distribute your weight evenly to reduce stress impact on the joint and provide back support.

Old mattresses are often the source of allergies. Over time, the mattress becomes dirty and need to be replaced. When they are not, they can lead to acne, dry skin, congestion, sneezing, and runny noses. If you have sensitive skin, chronic allergies, or asthma, this can prove to be especially problematic.

Have chronic back pain? Your mattress may be to blame. Improper support contributes to dull aches and pains and can distort your spinal alignment. This can lead to interrupted and uncomfortable sleep, causing a lack of sleep and many other issues.

Having a high-quality mattress will help you have a better night’s sleep and overall better health. Invest in the right mattress for your home and lifestyle with Brickell Mattress. We have a wide selection of top-of-the-line mattresses like Hastens and Vi-Spring, Carpe Diem, and other top mattress brands.

Hästens Makes the “T List”

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The New York Times is among the most respected newspapers in the country, and whenever it publishes something, rest assured that tons of people will “listen”. Last week, the newspaper published its “T List” newsletter, which talks about the things its editors are wearing, coveting, listening to, or dining on.

Making the list of the top five in the T List is none other than the Hästens Sleep Spa, located in beautiful Portugal. Scheduled to open its doors in May, the hotel boasts fifteen rooms featuring a Hästens bed, each of which was carefully made by hand to ensure optimum support. Each room is elegantly and impeccably designed and, as you might guess from the name, the hotel is centered around helping people enjoy the most relaxing sleep experience of their lives while also promoting better sleep habits. There is even an on-call sleep specialist guests can make use of.

While the Hästens Sleep Spa sounds like an incredible place to visit, you don’t have to travel all the way to Portugal to experience the incredible feel and comfort of a Hästens bed. Do a quick Google search on the brand and you’re bound to find countless articles and blog posts each singing the praises of these beds and how unbelievably comfortable they are. When you’re ready, pay a visit to Brickell Mattress or the Hästens of Miami and discover why these beds are so highly regarded.

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Lifestyle and Wealth Magazine Name Checks Hästens

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Earlier this month, we celebrated another World Sleep Day which, as the name suggests, is all about recognizing the importance of sleep, how to improve it, and how it intertwines with so many parts of overall well-being.

The financial, wealth management, and lifestyle magazine Worth understands how important sleeping well and how sleep plays a role in success. In recognition of this, the Worth website recently published its 2021 Guide to Better Sleep, highlighting several product recommendations all centered around getting a better night’s sleep.

Coming in at number one on the list was none other than the Hästens Grand Vividus, which Worth calls the “Bentley of beds”. Besides talking about the craftsmanship behind the bed, the article also mentions its older sibling the Hästens Vividus. For those curious to try the bed, the article also mentions the Regent Seven Seas Splendor, the luxury cruise line which is also home to the two-bedroom Regent Suite spanning over 4,000 square feet and boasting Hästens beds.

While the two Vividus beds are considered top of the line when it comes to Hästens, there are other beds made by the Swedish manufacturer that still provide the incredible comfort Hästens has become known for. These beds are also made by hand and use only all-natural materials to create supremely restful sleep experiences.

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Entrepreneur Singles Out Hästens

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Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working individuals in the world, attending meetings, making new connections, spearheading new ideas, and constantly seeking to fulfill an insatiable thirst for success. As incredibly busy individuals, many of them barely have enough time of the day, let alone to get a good night’s sleep.

Most of us know that at least seven hours of genuinely restful sleep each night is essential for a healthy body and mind. Failing to get enough sleep will result in sleep deprivation which, beyond negatively affecting the body, may also affect an entrepreneur’s ability to make the most clear-headed decisions regarding their business success.

With this in mind, the website Entrepreneur took a look at eight of the best mattresses for entrepreneurs that may be dealing with sleep deprivation and we’re excited to tell you that one of the names mentioned was none other than Swedish bed maker Hästens!

Specifically, the Hästens Herlewing was deemed the “Best Luxury Mattress”. The Hästens Herlewing elevates sleep performance with multiple interacting spring systems and several hand-wrapped layers of quality all-natural material, all made by hand by highly skilled artisans.

The advanced spring mechanism in the Hästens Herlewing is based on the same cutting-edge architecture as other high-end mattresses like the 2000T. The hand-fitted springs adjust to pressure in different ways, ensuring maximum comfort in virtually any position and no matter how many times a person moves. Two people can sleep in the Herlewing with one person remaining unaffected by the movements of the other.

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Hästens Makes an Appearance on Deco Drive

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The celebrity gossip and entertainment news magazine Deco Drive on WSVN has remained a South Florida staple since its January 8, 1996 debut. Currently hosted by Lynn Martinez and Shireen Sandoval, the show has pivoted from being largely entertainment-based to also focusing heavily on local South Florida events, businesses, and buzzy restaurants.

Earlier this week, Deco Drive’s entertainment reporter Alex Miranda made a stop at the Hästens store in Miami and the segment was featured on the show. Miranda was given the full treatment where he got to slip into some ultra-comfortable Hästens Blue-Check Pajamas and Down Boots.

The bed Alex Miranda got to try to out was none other than the Hästens Vividus. The bed has earned a reputation for being akin to a tangible dream and based on Miranda’s reaction, it is arguably one of, if not the most comfortable bed you’ll ever sleep on in your life. The bed is genuinely world-class, as it is Hästens’ finest and most luxurious bed ever. Horsetail hair, for example, is thinly woven into the bed and naturally twisted to form strong, springy spirals. Hundreds of hours of handcrafted workmanship have gone into creating the Vividus, its all-natural materials, and masterminding something ultra-comfortable you’ll look forward to sleeping in each day.

You can see the Hästens Vividus in person by visiting the Hastens store at 112 NE 41 Street in the Miami Design District. Visit the following link to see the Deco Drive video on the WSVN website:https://wsvn.com/entertainment/hastens-mattress-maker-to-the-stars-opens-sleep-spa-in-design-district/. For more information on our top mattresses brands, please visit Brickell Mattress.