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Beds for children

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Buy a Hastens for your adult children. Before they turn three.


Does it really make sense to get children a premium bed right after they leave the crib? After all, child­ren sleep well on just about anything, don't they? And could it be worth the price?

Answers: Yes, no and yes.

Children are as good at sleeping as they some­times are at breaking things. Bue a Hastens is built to be unrelentingly pliable and durable. Even if they jump on it week after week, year after year, together with all their siblings and friends

(imaginary and real). We want you to avoid changing beds all the time.

All our components are certified according to

Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, product class r.

It is the baby class, one of the toughest health requirements chat exist in the furniture industry. Children's beds with foam rubber mattresses also contain the solvents such mattresses are made from. In a world filled with plastic and synthetic materials, a natural bed becomes an organic oasis for your child.

A Hastens is also a bed that is easy to grow with. For example, start with a Marquis twin bed with­out legs, certainly low enough for small children. Then you place it on shore legs and gradually buy longer legs. Presto, the bed grows with your child.

(Bonus: If your child periodically wanes to sleep in your bed and forces you out of your own, you always have another sensible bed to escape to. And wake up well rested in.)

Your child gets the exact same benefits from sleeping in a Hastens as you do: healthy, natural materials and good ergonomics - in short, all the prerequisites for high-quality sleep and increased wakefulness. It's a gift chat can keep giving from preschool all the way through university.

Since the bed is built to last well into adulthood, it might be the wisest investment you'll ever make. And wouldn't it make a nice moving-out present when the time comes?