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Some things to think about

when you buy your next bed.


Buying a new bed is an investment in sleep, but above all in well-being. The bed's ability to con­tribute to comfortable sleep affects the quality of your day. So take good time before making this important choice.

Here are some thoughts that may help with · your decision. Start by thinking about what your current bed could be better at. you miss, what characteristics do you want to increase or decrease? Softer, firmer, higher, wider? Your way of sleeping and your movement pattern during sleep are more important when choosing a bed than you might think: Do you sleep on your side, back, stomach or all the above (which is likely) during the night?

However, choosing a bed can also be about values, in which direction you want our world to go.


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This is the most common reason for switching to a Hastens. Then you've really come to the right place. Hastens lives to create maximum sleep comfort by combining natural materials, each of which are painstakingly selected for quality.

All Hastens beds consist of natural materials. The only thing you need to do is try out which

of our models you prefer. Each of them has its own personality and specific feel. But Hastens' obsession with perfection is evident in each one.



This can result from what's on your bed as much as what's in your bed. If your blanket, sheets and/ or pillow are made of tightly woven or synthetic materials, then it is almost like sleeping in a plastic bag - in other words, sweaty. That is because these materials cannot breathe well or effectively transport moisture away.

That's why at Hastens we offer the ultimate combination where the different parts, both above and below you, breathe and work together to keep you cool, comfortable and rested. Our beds are made of natural, airy materials (plus our unique layer-upon-layer technique) to help your body regulate temperature. Our well thought-out range of bed linens and accessories in lightweight natural materials further enhance the bed's characteristics.



If you once slept well, but the bed now more resembles a hammock, then it's important to chink back to how the bed used to feel. If you can recall the firmness, then start by trying a Hastens of the same level. (Good to know: We only use high­ quality materials for your Hastens to support you for many decades, so chat you will not have to change your bed all the time.)

Also, think about what annoys you with your old bed. Is it perhaps too short, too high or too low? Are the legs too far out so you stub your toes? Put demands on us when you try out your new bed. We are not mo% satisfied until you are.



Many people experience pain in their shoulder or lower back when they sleep (some even say it feels like a bruise). Absolutely unnecessary, if you ask us. Unfortunately, it's far too easy to get used to what you have and accept an uncomfortable bed - even if it detracts from your rest.

All Hastens beds are built to make you feel... nothing at all. Just a relaxing sense of weightless­ness. We want to achieve that through even pres­sure relief, that is, when the support is the same throughout your body. No matter what position you sleep in.

Try lying down on your side in a Hastens 2000T, for example, and experience what it's like sinking into the bed just enough to make your spine straight - without pressure on your shoulder or hip. That's what Hastens means with pliability.



It's great that you may spend a third of a 24-hour day in a bed you like. But how awake do you usually feel during the remaining two thirds?

A Hastens bed is built to provide you with the highest possible sleep quality every night so that you can live as the best and happiest version of yourself every day. That's Hastens' goal. Perhaps it's worth upgrading your bed and

see what happens?



If you liked the experience at a hotel, be sure to snap a picture of the model you slept in. If you didn't think to do that, then perhaps you can remember the look: Was there a middle mattress? How high was it? You are also welcome to visit our stores to test your way to your dream bed.

According to our experience, one night in

a Hastens is enough to wake you up to a new paradigm of sleep. (Tips for hotel owners: Having Hastens in the rooms might just change your guests' view of your hotel.)


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Be careful what you wish for. We will build beds exactly as you request.


No matter which model you fall for, anything is possible with Hastens. Which is fortunate since no two clients ever seem to want exactly the same bed. Whether you're a Hollywood celebrity, oriental princess, or just a regular bed connoisseur, you'll want your Hastens bed ro have its own personal twist. And because we manufacture each of our beds by hand, we're happy to accommodate.

If the tallest man in the world called us in Koping (he is claimed to be 251 centimeters barefoot) and wanted to order a new bed, then no problem. Like all our beds, we would build it according to his specifications right down to the last half a centimeter.


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Over the years we've been called upon to provide customized beds for pets, planes and ocean-going vessels. But even if you aren't the tallest man in the world, nor have an ocean-going vessel tied up at the jetty, there is still good reason to consider making your bed a little more your bed. Have a look at the following pages. Select the color, legs, shape (we build both round and poly­gonal beds). If you want to sleep extra high or may­be extra low, that's how we'll build it -according to your wishes. There are over 20,000 options for manufacturing a Hastens. So take the opportunity and build your own. (After which, you too can

claim to be one of the bed builders at Hastens.)