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How particular are you allowed to be when mother nature gives you a gift?


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White gold. Considerably nicer to sleep on than actual gold.


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Why Hastens' cotton is so comfortable: We mess with it as little as possible.


According to the history books, humans began cultivating cotton 8,000 years ago, initially in modern-day Mexico. When Columbus (who was the son of an italian weaver) made landfall in the new World, he met Mayan chiefs in the most beautiful clothes he had ever seen.

Today, there are very few people on the planet who have not dressed in this cool and soft “white gold” at one time or another. Cotton fabric is, undoubtedly, delightful against the skin. It is equally useful in simple clothes as it is in resplendent vestments.

Its characteristics are heavenly: soft on the exterior and pliable, yet still durable. It breathes, absorbs moisture, and regulates your temperature - making it as perfect in a shirt on a hot summer day as in a bed on a cold winter night.

For us, cotton is an incomparable natural material for making fabric and wadding. We think the fiber is perfect just as it is. Therefore, we do all we can do not to do everything we theoretically could do. That is: treat it, work it over, and over color it. Instead, we barely lift a finger. The cotton for the fabric is combed and carded very carefully, to avoid breaking the fibers. The goal is to have as many of the fibers as possible retain their original length so chat they can perform the demanding work that mother nature has planned for them.


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How can something so beautiful be so repellant?


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If you are human and surrender yourself to the embrace of a Hastens, then, in all likelihood, you will immediately notice how fantastically soft and reassuring the bed feels. This is because the outermost layer of the bed is made of exceptionally fluffy wadding - a natural blend of cotton and wool of magnificent quality. The fibers of cotton and wool are blown together in a special pressure chamber that permanently entwines them. What you feel is an incredibly even and airy mat.

If you are a spark, however, coming into contact with our beds is a distinctly more uncomfortable experience. The cotton wool mixture acts like a firewall. If the cotton wool is exposed to intense heat, the structure of the wool blocks the oxygen and smothers the fire. (By the way, the cotton wool is equally repellent if you happen to be a particle of dirt.)

Back to humans: The mix of materials is also an important part of the bed's ventilation system, allowing air to circulate around the body, trans­porting the moisture away, and regulating the temperature. Everything to make you able to sleep cool, dry and deep. And have the opportunity to wake up full of enthusiasm every day.

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Hastens beds are built for a long life. The materials that are not used by us are recycled and will have a different life. Somewhere else.


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Even a planet wants to wake up refreshed.


Hastens uses only horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax of the highest possible quality and functionality.

This means that the fibers must have the right length and an intact surface. Not even the most trivial blemish is allowed, for the simple reason that it disturbs the total feeling of your bed.

To fill each mattress with these fine fibers requires great skill. The filling should be plentiful, airy, and provide the exact same feeling everywhere. What is left over is cut off - these surplus fibers can then be sorted and recycled.

Suppliers have told us that this surplus sometimes is sold to other bed manufacturers that fill their mat­tresses with fibers of varying lengths. (So, even if you end up choosing another bed, it may still contain a small piece of almost-Hastens.)


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Fire your plastic bed before it fries you.


Your body temperature is key to your quality of sleep. The sooner your bed helps you reduce your temperature, the sooner you can fall asleep. If, in addition, the bed helps you maintain an optimal temperature throughout the whole night, then the chances that you sleep really well increase.

Imagine watching your body through a thermal imaging camera.

If you chose to spend your nights sleeping on a synthetic mattress, the image would be colored red-orange-yellow. That's because when your mattress can't breathe, you get hot. Your increased perspiration quickly makes it moist. In addition to the hygienic aspects, your sleep would most likely be affected by the bed's hot climate within 30-40 minutes.

If, instead, you chose to sleep in a Hastens, the natural, breathable materials would regulate your temperature and transport moisture away. Can you imagine how pleasantly rested you would feel after a cool and comfy night's sleep?


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