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FLAX Is good. A lot of flax is a lot better.


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Relax with more flax and say goodbye to static.


How can there be static electricity in a bed that is not made of synthetic materials? Simple: Your body brings it there. In fact, you are constantly accumulating static electricity during the day - you don't even need to comb your hair, pet a cat or rub a balloon.

You yourself can accumulate a charge equaling thousands of volts!

Luckily, you can also discharge it from time to time (even though it causes a shock). Reports have shown that carrying a charge over long periods of time can cause headaches, dry mouth, and itching. You can even attract dust particles from the air - something that is particularly detrimental for allergy sufferers.

This is precisely the reason why we build flax into our beds - large quantities of flax, because the more flax there is, the more effectively it diverts and prevents static electricity from occuring. Flax, together with our other natural fibers, is the natural enemy of static electricity thanks to its inherent moisture content. Why? Because water is good at conducting electrons. The whole time you lie in a Hastens, you are effectively “grounded.”

Flax not only protects against “lighting”, but also against “thunder”. In order to prevent sparking sounds and vibrations from ever occurring, we embed a spring system between two strong, resilient flax mats. The flax mat at the bottom is folded around to the wooden frame so that it minimizes friction between both metal and metal and wood and metal.


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Some bad hair days can be avoided before they begin.