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Hastens - Horsetail hair


The feeling of the first night on horsetail hair. How often do you get to enjoy that?


This is how we transform long, strong horsetail hair into durable springs. First, they are carefully boiled and washed with environmentally-friendly soap.Then they are being washed once more. Now the horsetail hair is totally clean, wet and warm. Then they are twisted together into a rope looking like a dreadlock. By deciding the thickness of the rope, how hard it’s twisted and the number of twists per meter, we determine the diameter and viability of the “hair spiral”. After that, the rope is being dried in heat (sort of like when you dry the hair under a cope at the hairdresser’s). How hot and for how long is an important part of our secret formula for optimal durability.


The last step is to make the horsetail hair sterile. Therefore, it’s being put into an autoclave oven (the same thing dentists use to sterilize their tools). Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has also stated that after our treatment, the horsetail hair is free from allergenic substances. When the dreadlock has been stored for a secret amount of time, the only thing remaining is to open it up and by hand embed the horsetail hair - which now has decreased in volume - to make your mattress more flexible, airy and cozy. Just like we have been doing for almost 200 years.

The alarm clock rings. Then the horsetail tail hair in your mattress jumps up.


Relax, it’s totally natural. We have converted each strand of horsetail hair in your mattress into millions of tirelessly stubborn curls. When you stand up, after having cuddled down in the bed all night, mattress will go back to its lovely, airy shape. And you can enjoy that embracing, relaxing feeling next time you go to bed. Over and over again.

The secret? We transform the long, smooth hair from the horsetail into spirals with a 100% natural process. Every little hair, therefore, works like a spring, that cooperates with all the other springy layers in your bed. The result is the unbelievably comfortable sleep you'd expect to find in a Hastens bed - where the different parts of your body get even and flexible support. And the curls are permanent enough to keep the mattress as resilient and comfortable throughout its lifespan.


Dear, dear horsetail hair. We think it's the world’s best material. You sleep well on it for yet another reason: During millions of years, the horsetail hair has evolved amazingly efficient ventilation properties. It helps to absorb the warmth and humidity generated by your body.

Even as you sleep you'll lose between 0.5 and 1.5 liters of water each night. That's about three glasses of water that need to be dissipated each night. Our horsetail hair can absorb 30% of its own weight in water and still feel completely dry to the touch.


We've made our horsetail hair so fluffy that air can easily circulate around your body and transport the moisture away- and your body can more easily regulate the temperature around it. That increases the possibility of you having a deep, uninterrupted sleep. (And live the next day as the good-natured person you are after having slept like a baby.)


But there is one downside to this: The horsetail hair might help you fall asleep faster because it

helps your body get to its optimal sleeping temperature faster. Which means you don't have time to consciously enjoy your bed's amazing cloud-feel for very long. Luckily nature made sure you'll get sleepy again, every night.


Aaaah! Mmmm! Zzzzz...


Horsetail hair of our finest quality is known for inducing nice sounds. That's why it's being used both in exclusive string instruments and in a certain exclusive bed.