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Hastens Maranga -King

Maranga's middle mattress: your ticker to a higher level of comfort.

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Hastens Maranga -King


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Maranga's middle mattress: your ticker to a higher level of comfort. Ir is like putting a cloud on another cloud­ - and then adding yet another cloud (the top mattress). As you can see, we're aiming for the stars when it comes to softness, firmness and pliability.


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Welcome to sleep nirvana.


When you lie in a Hastens Maranga you're imme­diately embraced with a sense of peace and serenity. The bed is the very definition of responsive plia­bility. It receives you with a gentle hug as you sink into it and then, as soon as you get up, its resilient surface follows your body, returning to its firm and even resting state. As though it had not been lain upon.

Our Maranga provides that identical sensation each time you return to it, from your first night to the nine thousand one hundred and twenty­-fifth night.

The higher ambitions we set for our beds are reflected in our manufacturing process. We spare no expense or effort in pursuit of perfection.

We use nature's finest materials: horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax. The materials are assembled by hand using our unique layer-by-layer technique developed and refined for over a century in our workshop.

Side-stitching completes the work. Thar alone takes two hours per middle mattress to complete by hand. Skilled master craftsmen follow our iconic fabric pattern to the letter - or, to be precise, the square - to place each and every stitch in precisely the right place.

The name "Maranga" comes from the Maori word for "wake up". It's not only designed to give you a good night's sleep, but to also ensure you feel awake throughout your day.


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124.5 kilograms of tireless comfort.



Welcomes you with a soft and firm hug, a combina­tion made possible by the unique layer-upon-layer technology. Consists of:

  • 2 layers of bolster fabric from exceptionally durable virgin cotton.

  • 2 layers of hand-teased J horsetail hair.

  • 8 layers of cotton and wool.

  • 1 pocket spring system, 13 cm high, with springs that act individually and never hook into each other.

  • 4 reinforced corner springs (covered in soft flax), to ensure both comfort and stability when you sit on the edge.

  • Reinforced edge springs along all sides, to prevent you from rolling out of the bed and to make it easier to get up.

  • Meticulously placed side-stitching, which increases both stability and pliability.

  • 4 robust handles on the long sides to make it easy to turn the mattress.



Extra support and a slightly firmer feel thanks to a Bonnell spring system using thicker thread. Consists of:

  • 1 layer of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.

  • 1 layer of cotton and wool.

  • 1 Bonnell spring system, 8 cm high, with machine­-knotted coil springs.

  • 1 layer of flax that provides sound insulation and conducts static electricity away.

  • 1 frame in solid, slow-growing Swedish pine with finger joints, 9.2 cm high.

  • 1 layer of cotton lining that protects the bed from below.

  • Minimum 4 sturdy legs, recessed to prevent you from stubbing your toes.


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Natural air conditioning. The final touch of per­fection as Hastens Maranga gently embraces you. Consists of:

  • 2 layers of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.

  • 2 layers of cotton and wool.

  • 2 layers of hand-teased A-lyx horsetail hair.

  • 1 layer of cotton and wool.



You can customize your Hastens bed so that it's just right for you. There are over 20,000 possible combinations. Find out more on pages 234-279.



  • Adjust the length and width in 0.5 cm increments (maximum size is 400 cm).

  • Full base or split base.

  • Square, rectangular or round shape.



  • Choose between soft, medium, firm and extra firm.



  • Choose between 14 different original fabrics.



  • Top mattresses, headboards, legs, bed skirts, pillows, down quilts, bed linen, etc.