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Hastens Superia -King

The best frame bed we have ever built.

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Hastens Superia -King


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The best frame bed we have ever built.


In our opinion, the feeling that comes from resting in a Hastens Superia can be described in a single word: bottomless. In the absence of resistance or pressure from below, you will sink almost weight­less into this bed. Just deep enough to keep your spine straight, whether you are lying on your side, stomach or back.

Our most amazing frame bed so far. Built to make you relax and wake up infinitely rested.

What you may not realize is that there is an entire universe of bed-making artistry beneath the surface: a double spring system, 14 layers of natural materials carefully selected and combined, all resting on a sturdy wooden frame. This, unfortu­nately, is a universe that you probably never will see. After we arrange this exquisite ensemble of horsetail hair, cotton, wool, flax, steel and wood, we hide it forever beneath a cloak of the finest fabric.

Like any masterpiece, the frame makes all the difference. Ours is built from northern Swedish pine, which grows particularly slowly and is therefore extra dense. Finger joints bind the four corners in a permanent embrace - entirely without screws or nails. The frame's weight and craftsman­ship make the bed both sturdy and deafeningly quiet. (Not unlike the Swedes who build it.)

Our goal with Superia was to evoke a feeling of bottomless comfort that will make you forget you're even lying on it. That's how Hastens helps make the most of your nights and the infinite possibilities that each new day brings.


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128.6 kilograms of infinity.



Dual high spring system and multiple layers of different natural materials working together to make your body feel more or less weightless. Consists of:

  • 1 layer of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.

  • 2 layers of cotton and wool.

  • 1 layer of hand-teased horsetail hair.

  • 1 pocket spring system, 15 cm high, with springs that act individually and never hook into each other.

  • 4 reinforced corner springs (covered in soft flax), to ensure both comfort and stability when you sit on the edge.

  • Reinforced edge springs along all sides, to prevent you from rolling out of the bed and to make it easier to get up.

  • 2 layers of flax that provide sound insulation and conduct static electricity away.

  • 1 Bonnell spring system, 13 cm high, with machine­ knotted coil springs.

  • 1 frame in solid, slow-growing Swedish pine with finger joints, 16.8 cm high.

  • 1 layer of cotton lining that protects the bed from below.

  • Minimum 4 sturdy legs, recessed to prevent you from stubbing your toes.