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Hastens - Wool


Our natural selection of wool. Striving to keep one step ahead of evolution.


What's special about the Super Sheep? It has springs. Every strand of wool is self-curled and naturally curved such that it functions as a spiral.


If only the longest, curliest, heavy-duty wool were passed on for generations, it would be considerably easier to find the quality that Hastens strives for.


Presenting: the Super Sheep.

Every single hair on the Super Sheep is perfect. It's an impressive 15 centimeters long. It has 5 curls per inch and 47.6 degrees of curvature per millimeter. It looks completely natural, like a spring. Under the microscope, we can see the surface of the fiber is actually a succession of jagged scales that interlock with other wool fibers when ruffled to form a perfectly resilient mat. The strand is exactly 43.5 micrometers thick. Moisture cannot damage it since water molecules go right through it. And it's naturally resistant to fire. Together, these qualities make this super wool the stuff dreams are made of at Hastens.

Oh, and did we mention that Super Sheep require very little food, don't bleat, always come when called, and clip their own wool twice a year. If only it were that simple.

All the characteristics named above are what we strive for as we search through, pull apart, and pick out the wool fibers that will make it into a Hastens bed. But nature doesn't make it that easy for us. You see, even evolution has its limits. Where natural selection ends, human selection takes over.

As long as sheep grow wool below our high standards, and as long as the quality of wool varies between the clippings, we need to be there to select the super wool from the good wool. We meticulously seek out and gather up only those wool fibers that are sufficiently curly, scaled and white. They also need to have the right feel. The wool that you will ultimately rest on is always new, never reclaimed. Longer fibers mean better strength, better suspension, better moisture wicking, better air circulation and better thermal insulation, which all contribute to an optimal sleep climate.

And precisely because we are so selective, every bed we make includes wool that could almost come from Super Sheep - even if nature has not yet provided us with them.


The bed that can change three-thirds of your life. The one-third when you are sleeping. And especially, the two-thirds when you’re not.