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Masterpiece Superb

Made by: Vi-Spring

The Crown Jewel

  • Shetland Isle Wool

  • Cashmere, Bamboo, Alpaca Layer

  • Dual-layered Vanadium Springs

  • 100% Silk Cover

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Masterpiece Superb


Image Description

True to its name, the Masterpiece Superb is the crown jewel of the Vi-Spring luxury bedding family.  The Masterpiece rests on two layers of 1.93” (49mm) diameter vanadium wire springs, the smallest and most precisely organized of all Vi-Spring models.  This delivers more pressure-relieving support per square inch of bodyweight, creating a sleeping surface that is perfectly responsive to weight shifts and motion transfer.  The Masterpiece also features a fully blended layer of exotic materials including cashmere, bamboo, and alpaca for a level of comfort that is truly unparalleled.  

Masterpiece Superb bed features:

Dual-layered Vanadium Wire Springs.  Wire springs are 1.93 inches (49 mm) in diameter and come sewn in to individual calico pockets. Innerspring support system is hand formed into a honeycomb-nested unit.  For added support and comfort, the Masterpiece features two layers of vanadium wire springs.
Hand-stitched Border.  Each Shetland Superb features a border that is 9.8 inches (25 cm) deep and reinforced with 5 rows of hand stitching on all sides.  Each side of the Signatory has air vents to promote air circulation and ideal temperature regulation.  Borders are upholstered with all-natural coir and wool, featuring piped ticking for added softness.

Shetland Isle Wool Upholstery.  The Masterpiece features upholstery of authentic Shetland Isle Wool that creates a sleeping surface free of humidity and naturally temperature regulating.

Fully Blended Layer of Exotics.  The Masterpiece also features a fully blended layer of exotic materials including cashmere, bamboo, and alpaca.  No other luxury bedding company in the world boasts a greater collection of fine-quality filling materials, which is why no other mattress compares to the exquisite comfort of the Masterpiece.  

100% Silk Cover.  The Masterpiece is the only bed in the world to come delicately enveloped in 100% silk.

Experience the Masterpiece bed by Vi-Spring, only at Brickell Mattress

The Masterpiece by Vi-Spring is a remarkable luxury bed that must be experienced firsthand.  Brickell Mattress is proud to be the only luxury bedding store in Florida to carry the world-renowned line of Vi-Spring beds.  For an exclusive showing, please call Brickell Mattress at 305.326.4000.