Wake Up Feeling Younger with Hastens

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Wake Up Feeling Younger with Hastens

Do you ever wake up and feel older than you really are? In recent studies, a bad night’s sleep has been linked to having a bad attitude about aging, like feeling old. According to experts, not only does poor sleep make you feel more pessimistic about aging, but it can also harm your health.


Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your physical, mental and cognitive health. Researchers discovered that people who rated their sleep the worst felt older. Participants in the two year long study also had the impression that they were rapidly aging. This is thought to be because Sleep deprivation causes the brain’s amygdala and prefrontal cortex to become less connected. These areas are in charge of regulating our impulses and digesting relevant data. Sleep-deprived people, for example, suffer gaps in focus, make poor decisions, engage in unethical behavior and struggle to control negative emotions. In general, those who do not get enough sleep have a harder time processing information.


However, experts also point out that correcting sleep issues may improve people’s aging experiences. A good night’s sleep lays the groundwork for a better day, as you feel more alert and energized. A Hastens mattress offers the ideal combination of comfort and support, as well as breathability and the capacity to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Each natural substance has distinct advantages, and when combined, they contribute to a restful night’s sleep.


If you’re thinking about investing in a new mattress, visit us online to view our full collection of luxury mattresses to help improve your sleep.

Poor Sleep Can Affect The Skin

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A night of little sleep is unlikely to leave you feeling terrible in the long run. However, consecutive nights of poor sleep can not only impact your health and how you physically feel but can also negatively impact the appearance of your face.


Hydration, PH level, color, and even acne can all be impacted by our sleep schedule. This is because our body needs rest to restore itself – and the skin is no different. Think about a time you did not get enough sleep – you probably felt off, and your skin may have looked dull. Sleep keeps our faces looking bright and fresh but also keeps us healthy.


The skin has a 24-hour circadian rhythm, just like many other systems in our bodies. So, getting more than six hours a night is crucial to maintaining the appearance of healthy skin. Younger people may also be more prone to acne with a lack of sleep.


Sleep deprivation causes stress within the body, raising cortisol levels significantly, and along with it? Inflammation and more sebum production, which clogs pores and eventually lead to breakouts.


Lack of sleep also takes a hit on our immune system. To prevent acne, your skin needs the immune system to help it fight off germs. However, bacteria can build up faster, infecting the pores without that. An alert immune system can help prevent that.


One way to get better sleep? Try changing your mattress. The Hastens Maranga mattresses are the finest horsetail hair mattress and support your body as you rest for the ultimate sleep. Find out more about the mattress, available at Brickell Mattress, here.

Black Friday Comes Early With Vispring Luxury Beds

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Black Friday will be coming early this year to Brickell Mattress – on November 11, Vispring’s Black Friday Sale will begin. The sale, which you can catch at Brickell Mattress, will last until December 6, 2021. Enjoy 15% off all Vispring beds and accessories. While you can order one of their luxury beds online, you can learn more about the full list of terms and conditions in store.

Vispring beds are made from cashmere, Tussah silk, horsehair, alpaca, and bamboo, all mixed together to make each and every one of their beds feathery soft, and light to the touch. The wool used in select Vispring mattresses (the Luxe Collection) is vicuña wool that is sourced from the Peruvian Andes – it is thought to be the most sought-after type of wool in the world since it is as absorbent as it is soft. The material used in Vispring mattresses makes for great insulators so you can enjoy a cool night of rest every night.

Want to try one for yourself? We recommend the Vispring Tiara Superb, a king or queen-sized bed made from wool, cotton, horsetail, mohair, and silk for the most comfortable layers.

For an extra layer of comfort, try one of their luxury mattress toppers. The Heaven and Heaven Luxury Toppers are full of British fleece wool, soft needled wool, and South American horsetail hair in select upgrades (the Heaven Luxury Supreme topper). Each mattress topper is enclosed in a contrasting ticking pattern to maximize comfort.

Stop by Brickell Mattress, located in the heart of Miami, to try out your own Vispring luxury bed.

Got Jet Lag? Try This

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Jet lag – the sleep disorder that impacts your precious sleep when crossing over time zones. Your body’s internal clock is impacted, disrupting the circadian rhythm and leaving you to either lay awake at night or doze off during the day. Jet lag can leave you feeling like you only got half a night, or in some more severe cases, only a quarter, even if you were in bed all night. Returning from vacation is never any fun, but it is even worse when you’re battling jet lag.

Some hotels, such as the Hoshinoya Tokyo Hotel, try to fight this by adding in deep-breathing spa regimens for those coming into Japan feeling wiped out. This regimen offers three days of body-warming herb treatments, open-air baths, humidity adjustments, room brightness adjustments, and deep-breathing techniques from a massage therapist are included to help you battle a severe time difference.

Some believe exercise may be able to help. Working out may help the muscles ease and not feel so tight, especially when followed by stretching. Exercise is also widely known to make sleep better, so if your jet lag is causing you to stay awake all night, try a simple routine before bed.

Of course, a great handcrafted mattress can help, like Hastens Eala. There is no better way to fall asleep than in the world’s comfiest bed. When your sleep environment is prime for dozing off (do not forget to turn that thermostat down and shut the lights off!), your chances of beating jet lag are much higher.

Hastens Grand Vividus Comes to Miami

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In November, Hastens will be bringing the grandeur that is the Hastens Grand Vividus to the Miami Design District. There is also a Hästens store located at Brickell Mattress. The famed bed is set to make its arrival in time for Art Basel, the premier art show for modern and contemporary art. Every year since 1970, Art Basel has been sited in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong, defined by the host region and city, showcasing unique art across its galleries and content programming. Art Basel partners with local institutions to make their shows come to life. Each show features famed galleries from across the world and shows that embody the singular exhibition sectors and artistic events that highlight new developments in visual arts, all of which inspire the art world. 


Art Basel will be taking place from December second through the fourth in Miami Beach. In this year’s exhibit, you can find leading galleries from established artists to emerging art, an online catalog of artists and their work, a Conversations program that encourages dialogue between notable members of the international art scene, cultural institutions, and more. 


The Hastens Grand Vividus, the pinnacle of all Hästens horsetail hair Beds, will be showcased in the stunning Black Shadow color. It is available in four different colors and will offer a peer into what life with a Hastens bed or mattress may look like. 


You can also check out the Hästens Maranga, Eala, Herlewing and 2000T at Brickell Mattress. The Hästens Sleep Spa at Miami Design District will also be showing the full continental line up, as well as 2000T and VIVIDUS. You can visit the Hastens Miami Design District Store at 112 NE 41st St Suite 100, Miami, FL 33137, or at Brickell Mattress, located at 1030 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130.


For more information about Brickell Mattress, please call us at 305.326.4000

How a Better Mattress May be Able to Help With Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

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If you find yourself climbing into bed, ready to get a full night of rest, only to end up turning on Netflix and spending hours binge-watching your favorite shows more often than not, it may not be insomnia. Revenge bedtime procrastination is a sleep disorder that impacts many and is classified as putting off sleeping when it is time to go to bed.


Originally a term coined in the Netherlands in the late 2010s and popularized by the Chinese internet in 2016, this phenomenon occurs when people feel that they do not have much control over their daily lives and subsequently refuse to go to sleep on time to gain a sense of freedom.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, a larger number of people reported experiencing revenge bedtime procrastination since many felt the increased need for “me time.” Lines between work, life, extracurricular, and family have increasingly become blurred, causing people to need some kind of buffer.


Though we expect to fall asleep the moment we climb into bed, that is not the case. Falling asleep is a process, and one of the top mattress brands may be able to help. When we lack back support and comfort in our bed, it will be more difficult to fall asleep. A comfortable bed from a mattress collection can help you ease into the process of falling asleep. You may even start to look forward to going to sleep, rather than resenting it, when you have a great bed. With a luxury bed, you will have something to look forward to in the day that will simultaneously help you sleep better.

Exercise Could Reduce Your Risk of Sleep Apnea

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that blocks the upper airway when sleeping, caused by a temporary relaxation of the throat muscles. Symptoms include snoring, headaches, high blood pressure, and daytime sleepiness. It is estimated that 10-20% of adults in the United States are affected, which is quite an issue since OSA can significantly increase the risk of severe health problems like cancer and cardiovascular disease. Excessive weight, age, chronic nasal congestion, smoking, and asthma are common causes of OSA, but new research shows that there may be a way to lower your risk.


Exercise, along with a quality mattress like the Vispring Coronet mattresses, can provide people with healthier sleep. That is because physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Maintaining an active lifestyle and staying clear of too much sedentary behavior (like watching TV or sitting too long at your desk) are associated with a lower risk of OSA. This may be linked because the reduction of risk exercise can create for other severe conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


Along with exercise, a luxury mattress can help you sleep better. If you need a new bed, check out our Labor Day Sales Event. From now until September 20, you can receive a free Heaven Topper with the purchase of a Vispring Luxe Collection mattress. The Heaven toppers, available in three versions, are a great sleeping companion with Vispring mattresses. Filled with British fleece wool and soft needled wool, these toppers provide a comfortable sleeping experience you will feel throughout the day. Sleep better with a Vispring.


For full terms and conditions, please visit us in-store.

Physical Activity May Help With Poor Sleep

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Many factors could cause you to have a poor night of rest, and a lack of physical activity may be one of them. A study done by WebMD showed that in a group of middle-aged adults in the United States (the study investigated nearly 400,000) done over eleven years showed that those with poor sleep and low levels of physical activity had a 57% greater risk for all-cause mortality, a 67% greater chance for cardiovascular disease, a 45% increase in the chance for death from cancer, and a 91% greater risk for death from lung cancer when compared to those who had a good sleep and physical activity.


That is not to say that every person with poor sleeping habits will experience these same results, but it does show that sleep is one of the most crucial forms of care we can give to our bodies. That, coupled with the recommended amount of exercise/physical activity, allows our bodies to be healthy and fight off illness. Physical activity and sleep quality independently impact an individual’s health outcomes, but they influence health conditions in a related manner.


Physical activity keeps our bodies in prime shape, allowing the organs and systems in them to work as best as they can. This helps fight off infection, illness, and chronic diseases down the road. Quality sleep ensures that your body is resting up as it should, so it has the energy to get physical activity and keep itself working all day and night correctly.


It’s easy to incorporate physical activity into your daily life – start by going on a brisk walk every day, then take it up a notch by adding in your favorite activity a few times a week, like cycling or jogging. To get better sleep, make sure your sleep environment provides you the opportunity for a good rest. That includes what kind of mattress you have. A horsehair mattress such as Hästens or Vispring mattress can help you achieve your sleep goals and leave you feeling more rested in the morning.

Free Mattress Toppers from Vispring

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From August 23, 2021, to September 20, 2021, enjoy a free Heaven Topper with the purchase of a mattress from the Vispring Luxe Collection. This value can apply to upgrade to luxury and supreme toppers. Mattress sizes that qualify are queens or larger, or the purchase of two twin extra-large beds. Qualifying Luxe Mattresses and sets include Tiara, Sublime, Signatory, Masterpiece, and Diamond Majesty. Mattress toppers cannot ship earlier than the mattress, therefore they will ship with the mattress order. To qualify, purchases must be made no later than closing time on September 20, 2021. For full terms and conditions, please visit us in-store. 


One of the top mattress brands across the world brings you the ultimate mattress collection with the Luxe Collection. Made for unlimited luxury, the weightlessly comfortable mattress is handmade by expert bed makers and can help fight symptoms from insomnia and other sleep disorders by providing back support throughout the night. 


Beds are made from cashmere, Tussah silk, horsehair, alpaca, and bamboo, making them feathery soft, and light to the touch. The wool used in the Luxe Collection is the vicuña wool sourced from the Peruvian Andes and is the most sought-after wool in the world. It is absorbent, soft, and makes an excellent insulator. Each mattress has a 30-year warranty. 


The Heaven and Heaven Luxury Toppers are filled with British fleece wool and soft needled wool, encased in contrasting ticking for ultimate comfort. The Heaven Luxury Supreme is an upgrade with its South American horsetail filling. Pair these toppers with your Vispring mattress for the ultimate rest. 

Hastens Reveals New Furniture Collection This Month

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Swedish mattress expert, Hastens, has just revealed a new line of furniture, designed by Bernadotte & Kylberg. The inaugural collection, the first of its kind for Hastens, features beaches and nightstands that pair perfectly with their luxury mattress, made with their own graphic intarsia motifs. Hastens has been known worldwide for its top-of-the-line beds but is making its way into bedroom furniture.


The collection was made in collaboration with Tre Sekel, a furniture workshop, taking inspiration from Hasten’s famous white and checkered design. You can see the pattern designed on the wood, made with hand-laid ash and walnut intarsia patterns.


As for Bernadotte & Kylberg, it is their second collaboration with luxury wool mattress brand Hastens. Every piece follows Hasten’s commitment to quality throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. The bench comes with storage space covered by a soft lid and a dividing drawer that moves sideways for easy, hassle-free access. The pieces are available in ash and walnut and have immaculate attention to detail, such as lined leather pieces.


“Design is so much more than color and shape. It is also about sustainability – creating timeless products of high quality in a well-thought-out way,” says Oscar Kylberg. Bernadotte & Kylberg draw inspiration as well from what they associate with Hastens – an unwillingness to compromise on what matters most in a mattress, which is the sheer quality and detail of its makeup.


Hastens mattresses, like the Hastens Herlewing Mattresses, are available for purchase through Brickell Mattress both in-store and online. To find out more, please visit us online.