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So you’re part of the new, hip neighborhood called Midtown Miami.  Chances are, you need a mattress for your new apartment in Midtown 2 or Midtown 4.  You could go to ZzzMattress down the street and bore yourself to sleep, or you could even go into West Elm and pay an arm-and-a-leg for some Chinese piece of bedroom furniture.  Sound about right?  Well, help is on the way as a new mattress store as fun and exciting as Midtown Miami has opened just a short drive away.  Worried about lugging the mattress back to your spot?  Don’t!  We’ve got free delivery and in-home installation.

Your art here!

Art and Beds- Who Knew?

Brickell Mattress has embraced Midtown’s nearby art district by dedicating an entire wall to a local Miami artist each month.  Walk into our store and you can tell we’re different- you’ll see huge prints of cool Miami buildings, all available for sale.   The featured local Miami artist will have his own section that will be seen by thousands of store goers each month! If you’re a budding local Miami artist and would like a place to hang your work completely free, please drop us a line and let us know.   If you’re a store visitor, come see some modern and contemporary art while sipping a complimentary crisp chardonnay.

Better miami mattresses at Affordable Midtown Prices

Besides the huge influx of corporate stores Midtown has experienced in the last few years, there is still a considerable amount of eclectic, cool stores found only in the Midtown area.  You can find quality products at working-man prices.   We try to hold the same philosophy at our store.  Sure you can find Legget and Platt adjustables,

4.9 miles away from Midtown – all highway driving.

and other name-brands; but we also have incredible and affordable new brands such as Select Foam, Select Water, and Select Air.  Looking to spend $700 to just get a mattress? –We have that.  Looking to pimp out your pad and spend $8000 on a top-of-the-line bed?- We have that too.  Here at Brickell Mattress, we consider ourselves a no-frills organization, meaning you get what you want, at the price you want.

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