The Grand Vividus: An Epitome of Luxury Mattress Perfection

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Hastens Grand Vividus at Brickell Mattress

Indulge in the topic of luxury mattresses where we explore the marvel that is the Hastens Grand Vividus – the world’s most luxurious and comfortable bed. Hastens, the Swedish bed and saddle manufacturer with over a century of experience, has joined hands with master designer Ferris Rafauli, celebrated globally for his avant-garde approach and creation of opulent homes of the affluent.

The Hastens Grand Vividus is an exquisite display of exceptional comfort, craftsmanship, and luxury. Rafauli and Hastens have delivered a monumental masterpiece that superbly bridges centuries-old tradition with contemporary elegance, incorporating the horse insignia of Hastens crafted in 1917 into the fabric’s design.

Masterful hand-upholstery showcases a fabric by Rafauli that’s woven like no other. This unique fabric envelops the Hastens Grand Vividus, made from 100% breathable cotton and opulent European leather that radiates finesse in four distinct colors chosen by Rafauli himself. Each piece of leather adorning this luxury mattress is meticulously dye-cut and all edges are carefully burnished and polished, ensuring an impeccably smooth finish.

Dressed in an alluring solid base, the Hastens Grand Vividus sports nubuck leather with a debossed checker pattern reflecting the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. 

What stands out the most is the emblazoned name plate that incorporates the crafty details of Hastens’ long-standing heritage. It subtly echoes its history as the esteemed saddle maker for the Swedish Royal Court with its studs that are manually set to secure all leather accents. 

Additionally, the Hastens Grand Vividus reintroduces the world to the unique texture of shagreen—the epitome of refined luxury in leather for many centuries. Rafauli has masterfully reincorporated this high-grade leather into the design of the handles and corners, breathing life into a legacy.

The Hastens Grand Vividus is truly a bold display of craftsmanship, designed down to the last detail. It represents more than a piece of luxurious furnishing—it’s a statement of supreme style and comfort. This luxury mattress presents a trendsetting collaboration, seamlessly merging Rafauli’s distinctive flair with Hastens’ timeless classic designs.

A bed can be so much more than just a place to rest—it can be a work of art initiating the perfect marriage of world-class design and the finest materials. The Hastens Grand Vividus is precisely that—a masterpiece, and a fabulous addition to any bedroom that values the fusion of high design standards and affluence. Wrap yourself in the embrace of the world’s most luxurious bed, the Grand Vividus, for an extraordinary sleep experience unlike any other. Experience the propensity of a lifetime in the world of mattresses with the Grand Vividus from Hastens.

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