Uncommon Factors Affecting Your Sleep

Posted April 19th, 2018 in From Our Sleep Experts, Hastens, Mattress Brands and tagged , , by coreyconsulting

zzzzEven though most of us never get enough of it, sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being. In fact, not getting enough sleep may lead to sleep disorders like insomnia and it can also cause serious issues such as depression and anxiety. While most of us know that a comfortable, premium mattress, a shower, and not consuming caffeine before bedtime can help with getting some rest, there are other factors that may also contribute to sleepless nights.

According to an article on New Haven Register, age may also play a role in not sleeping enough. Recent studies suggest that as a person ages, the part of the brain that assists with regulating sleep begins to decay, which means a person may experience fewer moments of REM sleep, which is considered to be the deepest sleep state.

There is no such thing as being able to “catch up” on sleep during the weekend by sleeping longer hours. Sleeping in on a Saturday will only throw off your sleep schedule, making it harder for the body to adjust to a regular sleep cycle.

Do you sleep with your windows and doors closed? It makes sense to keep your home cool and free of outside noise. However, that same New Haven Register article suggests that sleeping with open windows or doors may help with reducing carbon dioxide levels, resulting in potentially better sleep.

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