Valuable Lessons When Purchasing a Luxury Mattress

Posted October 8th, 2014 in adjustable beds, Luxury Beds by Mattress Matters

As does being in the market for any mattress, luxury mattress buying has its lessons. Brickell Mattress has been in the bedding industry for nearly ten years, and wants you to be prepared by considering all factors when purchasing a luxury mattress. We have provided the top seven lessons mattress customers learn while shopping for quality sleep.


1. We have a Mattress-Buying Fear

Buying a mattress can be a little frightening if one is not properly informed or prepared for what you are about to purchase. It’s understandable, so we recommend that you do your research and get a sense of what’s important to you in a luxury mattress. This will be a good start!

2. The Mattress Buying Experience is Just as Important as the Mattress

It’s fundamental to find knowledgeable salespeople when purchasing a mattress – preferably ones who can answer your questions and ease your worries. It’s also important to keep an eye out for pushy salespeople who use feat tactical knowledge of the product and sleep.

3. Consider What’s Beyond the Mattress for Total Body Comfort

 A luxury mattress isn’t the only key to a good night’s sleep, but the pillows as well. Pillows play a key role in spinal alignment, and should be tested and purchased at the same time to ensure optimum comfort and alignment.

4. Think about Price, Quality, Comfort and Size

When it comes to luxury mattress hunting, price can’t be the only determining factor. Quality, comfort and size need to fit into the equation as well. Since, we spend 30 percent of our lives in bed, it makes sense to invest in a luxury mattress with a long life span and size that fits your needs for a better sleep experience.

5. You have a Unique Sleep ID

No two bodies and sleep needs are the same. Every person has unique pressure points that require fluctuating levels of firmness from a luxury mattress.

6. Your Body is Constantly Changing

Your body constantly changes the way it sleeps. This is why adjustability is a key factor to consider when shopping for a luxury mattress. When you have an adjustable mattress, you have the power to personalize your sleep experience to fit your exact needs each night.

7. Purchasing a Luxury Mattress is an Investment in your Health

Researchers have consistently recognized that sleep quality affects our overall health. Good sleep gives us more energy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and better performance at work, and helps save on long-term health care costs.


At Brickell Mattress, we offer the finest selection of innerspring, water, and latex mattresses available on the market today. Having been in the bedding industry for over 8 years, we know what you’re looking for when selecting a mattress. We are here to satisfy your need for quality sleep with our quality mattresses. Contact us today for a sleep consultation!

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