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This bed is 300x300 cm. Read more on pages 212-213 about customizing your bed.


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From King Size to Viking Size.


When you ask us which size to choose, we have unambiguous advice: Go bigger. (Your nightstands will hardly be missed if you're short on space.)

As is always the case with Hastens, it all comes down to enduring comfort - year after year. Size is particularly important if you invest in a double bed. Then each person needs to have adequate space on their half. If you are lying too close to your partner, it can also get crowded and hot. And honestly, most people are not spooning for eight hours, but rather eight minutes. A wide personal comfort zone for the remaining hours of the night can improve the quality of your sleep and how you feel the next day. And who knows, maybe even perk up your relationship. As you may know, the need both for sound sleep and personal space-grows exponentially when children are added to the mix. That's when you'll really appreciate the extra expanse Hastens affords. The length? Listen to your feet. They are subject to a lot of pressure all day and deserve the same rest and recovery as the rest of your body. Even if you aren't super tall, your feet can still stick out in a standard King Size measuring 203 cm long (you rarely lie perfectly centered on your mattress after all). With a 220 cm long Hastens, your feet will probably never dangle over the edge.

Perhaps you are now wondering which size we mean with Viking Size. That would be 210 x 210 cm, our standard recommendation. That should give you enough territory to explore and conquer each night.