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that may have been your great-grandfather's scooter. And maybe will become your great-grandchildren's self-flying electric car.


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We can't conjure up steelier steel than what already exists on Earth. But we do know how to turn it into some of the planet's most durable springs.



  1. First, we acquire high-quality steel. Up to 80 percent is recycled material - steel is so amazing that it can be recycled many times and still be exactly as good. An excellent start that saves our natural resources.

  2. Next, we form the steel into a flat wire. We take great care calculating the exact diameter of the wire since this determines the springiness and elastic force. After having assembled and mounted spring systems in beds for over a hundred years, we know precisely how much force is needed to create what we consider to be the optimal level of comfort: the desirable combination of softness and support.

  3. Now we decide the height of the spiral we will shape. Not too high or the springs become wobbly. But not so low or they lose their bounce.

  4. Then we determine the exact angle of inclina­tion in the steel spring's spiral …

  5. … and exactly how many spirals it should contain.

  6. All that remains is to define the diameter of the coil, likewise with great precision.

  7. When the coil is finished being shaped, we treat it with heat. This alters the metal structure such that the steel spring retains its twirl and elasticity, and returns to its original shape when you get out of bed. The purpose is to make it resilient for a lifetime.

  8. Finally: the preloading. We place the spiral in a small fabric bag. This so-called pocket is somewhat shorter than the height of the steel spring in order to pre-compress it - i.e. give the spiral just the right amount of stiffness, while always remaining instantly ready to accept the weight of your body. The fabric bag also lets air pass through the bed, which contributes to a healthy sleeping climate.

  9. Now it's time to combine the steel spring with hundreds (or thousands) of equally springy counterparts into a complete system that still allows each spring to move individually. We have put a lot of care into finding the right space between them, and thus the correct number of springs, for each bed. More is not always better as this can result in reduced lifting force or the risk of springs getting caught on each other and making noise.  


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What's best for a relationship? Separation.


The key to a harmonious system: All parts work together, while they remain free. Therefore, every single fabric-lined steel spring in a Hastens lives a life of its own. When you press down on some of them, the adjacent ones are barely affected.

The goal is to make it feel like you and your partner are sleeping as if you are each in your own world, always in balance without disturbing each other. Not even if one of you turns over or gets up for a midnight snack.

Naturally enough, this system is called Hastens individual pocket spring system. There is one or two of these systems in all of our beds. In addition, there is always a so-called Bonnell system wich linked spirals at the bottom. Its purpose is to absorb the most intensive load.

All spring systems work together in harmony so chac your bed is wonderfully sofc on the surface, while ic helps your body gee the perfect amount of support and relief deep down. Undisturbed. Practically noiseless. Of course, we cannot promise, buc maybe ic even has a relaxing effect on your relationship.