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Sublime Superb

Made by: Vi-Spring

Fine, Handcrafted Value

  • British Fleece Wool

  • Exotic Fills Available

  • Dual-Layered Vanadium Springs

  • Belgian Damask Cover


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Sublime Superb


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The Sublime Superb by Vi-Spring is the first to make use of exotic inner-mattress fills like rich silk and mohair.  Sublime Superb luxury beds feature a dual-layer vanadium wire innerspring support system to provide maximum pressure relief and comfort throughout the night.  As a finishing touch, the Sublime Superb features 4 rows of hand stitching and air vents on each mattress side to promote air circulation and comfortable temperature regulation throughout the night.  

Sublime Superb bed features:

Dual-layered Vanadium Wire Springs.  Wire springs are 2 inches (51 mm) in diameter and come sewn in to individual calico pockets. Innerspring support system is hand formed into a honeycomb-nested unit.  For added support and comfort, the Shetland Superb features two layers of vanadium wire springs.
Hand-stitched Border.  Each Shetland Superb features a border that is 9.1 inches (23 cm) deep and reinforced with 4 rows of hand-stitching on all sides.  Each side of the Regal Superb has air vents to promote air circulation and ideal temperature regulation.  Borders are upholstered in all-natural coir and wool as a finishing touch, featuring piped ticking for added softness.

British Fleece Wool Upholstery.  The Sublime Superb is upholstered in fine British fleece wool for a soft, moisture-wicking sleep surface.

Custom, Exotic Inner-mattress Fills.  Sublime Superb beds are the first of the Vi-Spring luxury line to offer exotic fills that may be customized to your liking.  Choose from hand-teased long stranded horsehair, Shetland Isle fleece wool, fine silk, and mohair.  For additional information, please contact a Brickell Mattress executive.      

A Cover of Your Choice.  Cover the Sublime Superb in any of the finest-quality Belgian ticking available through Vi-Spring.  For more information, please contact a Brickell Mattress executive.  

Experience the Sublime Superb bed by Vi-Spring, only at Brickell Mattress

The Sublime Superb by Vi-Spring is a remarkable luxury bed that must be experienced firsthand.  Brickell Mattress is proud to be the only luxury bedding store in Florida to carry the world-renowned line of Vi-Spring beds.  For an exclusive showing, please call Brickell Mattress at 305.326.4000.