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To choose the right bed, we suggest you sleep in it.


On the following pages, we have written many, many words about the differences between our beds. But when it comes to choosing the right one, in the end, only three words matter: Try it out. Each Hastens is built with a special purpose in mind. lhey each have their own personality and specific comfort profile depending on the quantity of materials used, how we assemble them, and the number of layers. If it feels good to you, then it is good; we can't determine which bed will feel best. The question is only how good you want to feel.

Also, there's no such thing as taking too much time to test a bed that you'll sleep in for the rest

of your life. Please, feel free to visit our stores and really try our beds out, i.e. sleep in them. Yes, you're allowed! With a blanket, without a sales­person talking to you. (Unfortunately, however, we will need to wake you up before we close.)

And there is absolutely no rush at all with choosing your Hastens. Come back the next day

and try it out again. And the next. 'Ihe record is a man in England who visited us 24 times before he made his decision. But then he was also very erased with his choice.


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Good night and welcome back whenever you please.