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Top mattresses

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Our firstborn horsetail hair mattress has a particular place in our hearts. It’s made in the same way as when we started in 1852.


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Why can you still buy Hastens' very first horsetail hair mattress?


Because in the 166 years since we stuffed our first mattress, we haven't found any padding material that is better. Horsetail hair is nature's magic, with properties developed over millions of years that no test laboratory has yet been able to further evolve.

The mattress is filled with millions of springy spirals of our finest horsetail hair, sewn and tassel ­tied by hand. Our experienced bed masters have been refining this technique for five generations in our hometown of Koping. Perfect for anyone who appreciates a lovely, firm and airy feel to their bed.

You can choose between two versions: TM4 and TM8. (TM stands for "tagelmadrass", Swedish for horsetail hair mattress, and the number stands for the height in centimeters.)

The most common use is as a top mattress on one of our beds.

Hurry and get yours, although we do expect to be selling them for at least the next 166 years.


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Filled with seven layers of cotton, wool and extra-long horsetail hair of our very highest quality, selected exclu­sively for Vividus.



Filled with cotton, wool and high-quality horsetail hair.



TOP MATTRESS Filled with cotton, wool and soft, springy and flexible horsetail hair of excellent quality.




Filled with thick, soft cotton and wool.


Hastens TM mattress Filled with genuine horsetail hair and cotton of our highest quality. Padded, sewn and tufted completely by hand with techniques that honor the legacy of nineteenth century master saddle makers. Available in two heights: 4 cm (TM4) and 8 cm



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As we see it, not even a Hastens bed is completely perfect if it lacks a Hastens top mattress.


Many of those who spend their nights in a Hastens describe it as falling asleep and waking up in an embrace. The last piece of the puzzle for achieving this sensation is the top mattress.

Hastens top mattresses are developed with the ambition to elevate your sleep comfort to a completely new dimension, not least thanks to the softness of the surface. It is the softness you feel closest to your body. That it is so sumptuous is due, in part, to the fact that the padding consists of natural materials of our highest quality and, in part, because it is extremely smooth.

One look and you can see; we quilt your top mattress in a very special way. Breaking with industry tradition, we do not use straight seams. That's because straight seams lead to sharp angles which lead to corners that the padding has difficul­ty reaching. Instead, we sew in a special diamond pattern with soft waves so that the padding reaches everywhere uniformly and follows your body's movements.

The top mattress is also a clear part of the bed's layer-upon-layer effect, which helps to effectively wick moisture away and regulate your body tem­perature. With a mattress cover made of cotton, you'll keep your bed fresh for a long time.