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What’s the point of surviving?


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All multicellular animals sleep. You know, that odd state when we lie unconscious, defenseless and paralyzed for several hours. If there had not been very good reasons for sleep, then evolution would have most likely done away with it a long time ago.


To survive you can sleep on anything.


Lie down on bare soil, a stone floor, a blanket, a foam mattress, in a hammock. Or in your bed. Whatever you sleep on will probably take you from eleven at night until seven in the morning.



But what's the point of just surviving? It's about the quality of your life. The quality of yourself How awake and welcoming you are towards everything the world has to offer between seven in the morning and eleven at night. With all your senses. With a fully-activated brain and a warm, wide-open heart.

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It’s during your waking hours that you' 11 notice how well you have slept. That's when your resting place will reveal its true character. If it really provides you with deep sleep and allows every part of your body to have its essential rest and recovery. Or if it secretly steals from your moments here on Earth.



Hastens manufactures world-class handcrafted beds. There is an enormous amount of work and research tucked into each bed. What you experience as a com­forting embrace when springs, horsetail hair, wool fibers, cotton tassels, flax and wooden joints cooperate is, in fact, the fruit of nearly 170 years of relentless work.


We live to provide you with really deep quality sleep - the kind of sleep which gives you the oppor­tunity to blossom to your full potential. Every day.


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Be the best version of yourself. Everyday.


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You know who we mean. The person you are when you have slept well and wake up feeling alert. Who looks in the mirror and likes what they see. Who goes to work, or school, and solves the toughest problem. Who comes up with the best jokes during the date, not after. Who remembers the name of everyone at the party. Who is patient with the children even when they don't share your view of the world. Who is kind and warm-hearted to everything and everyone around. Who handles the entire workout. With a body which feels as young as it actually is.

And who even has the stamina to do the dishes straight after dinner, even though it got late.



We understand that you would like to find this feeling again. And again. And again. And that perhaps you spend a lot of time, and a lot of money, trying to find it. Cucumber masks. Food supplements. Rivers of caffeine. Self-help apps. Checklists. Because you know that the reward is great if you succeed. Sometimes you do. But not every day.

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Imagine that you sleep really, really well tonight. Not necessarily longer than usual, just really well.) Tomorrow you live as the person you really are. Free from the shackles of fatigue.


Now, imagine that you sleep this well every night. Who knows, after a while, you may be struck by a sudden revelation: Perhaps the person who for so long has been your ideal person was actually the second-best  version of yourself.


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What if the world is just a little tired?


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You are not alone. Those near and dear to you can tell exactly how you've slept. Colleagues and clients as well. It's contagious. When you're alert you give joy to those around you. When you're at peace you instill a sense of calm. It's as if your surroundings become a mirror of your senses.

You affect the people around you - just like they affect you. How well you sleep makes a greater diffe­rence than you may think.



Sleep quality is as important to you and those close to you as it is to the men and women who govern our countries. The leaders who affect the community the most, who have the most responsibility and make important decisions, may not be the ones who sleep the best at night. (Some of them even take pride in proclaiming how little sleep they survive on.) At what cost?


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We believe that our planet could be a kinder place -if more people had the energy to be kind every day. If more important decisions were to be made in a calm state of mind, reflection and trust. 0 h, how much we would like to invite all presidents, prime ministers and dictators to sleep for one night on a Hastens bed.



Studies show that a rested person perceives neutral things as more positive compared to a tired person. Exactly the same impressions are perceived differently. After poor sleep, subjects report more negativity and more situations are interpreted as a threat. After a restful night's sleep, however, it appears to be easier to see opportunities instead of problems.


Perhaps what annoys us is just a little mosquito. Perhaps our bad luck is actually good luck dressed in a clown's costume. Perhaps we are in agreement, but we just don't know it.


What do you think would happen tomorrow if the entire world slept just a little, little bit better tonight?


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The Sleep we want to give you.


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Sleeping is one of the most important things

you do. Does it actually require a luxurious piece of furniture to satisfy such a basic human need?

Answer: No.


What we build are not luxury beds. There is a lot in a Hastens, but none of it is excessive. Every little detail has a function: to increase the conditions for as deep a sleep as nature has intended for us human beings.


By creating a natural sleeping environment, we would like to bring you back to your roots. Or rather, the roots to you. Hastens is your oasis of natural mate­rials in an artificial world.



These are the main ingredients we use to achieve quality sleep. Thanks to pliable support, your muscles can relax at the same time as your spine remains straight. As the bed's material breathes and wicks away moisture, your body is able to regulate its temperature to find a cool and pleasant balance.


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The effect can be easy to miss since you unwind and fall asleep so quickly. Most likely you will sleep through all your natural sleep cycles, deeply and un­disturbed. And if you were to wake up at the wrong time, you’ll quickly fall back to sleep again.

Unhindered oxygen saturation helps you build new cells and heal what's needed. At the same time as your brain is allowed time to process impressions, consoli­date memories and develop new neural pathways.


Thus, the best conditions for your body to recover and gain new strength.



That fantastic feeling of being on a cloud, of hovering weightlessly, which you can experience in all our beds - we actually don't want you to experience it too often. How about ten minutes at the beginning and ten min­utes at the end of the night? Alright then, fifteen minutes.


But in between that, your body should experience no sensations. It should be able to concentrate entirely on its inner universe, not its outer.


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Keep calm, it’s just chaos.


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What will this day have to offer? Every morning, just before you open your eyes, you haven't a clue what will stare right back at you. Just like every night when you close your eyes to dive into the land of dreams. Life is amazing. Cool. Exciting. And scary, in all its unpredictability.


You know, the kind of day when you make the train at the last second. When you sit down in the last vacant seat. When you suddenly realize that the person sitting next to you is your long-lost friend from elementary school. And you discover that together you still laugh until your sides hurt. And then, of course, there are the other days.


Whichever kind of day it turns out to be, you just have to throw yourself into life's more or less unpre­dictable chaos and make the most of it.

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How can you prepare yourself for the wonderfully unpreparable? One way is to use sleep to fortify yourself with extra reserves of energy and calmness. If you are well-rested, then your ability to take on whatever life has in store increases. As does your ability to leverage even the tiniest advantage. To deal with stress or bad news - or simply ignore it. In short, embrace chaos.


Sometimes an energetic view is enough to shrink problems into perspective and let the delightful dominate your day.


And there, in the midst of the wide ocean called life, you stand and cope with it all. Sometimes soaked by tall waves, yes. But steadfast as a rock. And most of the time happy and grateful for the beautiful view.


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It’s never too late to wake up.


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