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We are looking for the smoothest, of the straightest, of the strongest wooden planks.


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The Swedish pine that Hastens uses in its bed frames comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental and social benefits. We hopo future generations of phys­icists will also be able to take notes on paper. And snuggle down into a bed that helps the brain to get maximum recovery.


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The wood in your Hastens bed sprouted about the same time as Albert Einstein's theory of relativity did.


E=mc2. Albert Einstein presented his theory of relativity in 1905. He wrote it on a piece of paper probably manufactured from a fir tree. And the world was never the same again. Around this same time, far, far up in northern Sweden, the trees that are part of the framework for the Hastens beds of today were planted. To be specific, it takes up to 120 years before the pines we use are ready to be harvested. At this age, the proud trees measure up to 30 meters high - and if you braved the -20°C cold with snow up to your waist, you could count the growth rings on the stump yourself. The colder the climate, the slower die trees grow, and the denser the rings are. Experienced carpenters select the wood we at Hastens want the most: straight, even, dimen­sionally stable and strong planks with no more than three twigs per length.

Skilled carpenters join the extra thick, extra solid planks of these premium pines to a bed frame. In the corners, the planks are joined with finger or dovetail joints, a locked embrace with fantastic strength. Because we want Einstein's whole family to be able to do somersaults in your bed without any trace of frame yielding to mass, energy or gravity.

How long does it last? The oldest Hastens bed we know of that is still being slept in when we last searched was built in 1907. Two years after the theory of relativity was committed to paper.