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Hastens Auroria

Made by: Hastens

Pressure support and relief presented as a work of art.

  • Unique side stitching in double rows delivers wonderful stability and form.

  • Spring system combination creates balanced softness while providing support.

  • Natural materials allow the bed to easily adjust to the body’s contours.

  • Incredible softness underpinned by strong stability


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Hastens Auroria



The soft personality of the Hästens Auroria courtesy of its spring systems speaks for itself. This beautiful bed is built to provide pressure relief and support to the hips and upper body using a series of spring systems designed to deliver balanced softness and optimum pliability. These springs are tucked away inside layers of natural cotton, wool, flax, and horsetail hair. Collectively, the Auroria allows your body to effortlessly adjust to its unique contours, distributing pressure and wonderful softness throughout the entire body. If you’ve never experienced the comfort and majesty of the Auroria, you’re missing out on a bed that’s been said to have a one-of-a-kind movement. We invite you to experience for yourself why this work of art will have you sleeping like a royal while keeping you cool throughout the night.

When ordering the special anniversary edition of this bed from 11/8 through 2/4th, customers receive special edition complimentary gift package including...