Are You Feeling Irritated? You Could Be Sleep Deprived

Feeling a bit irritable lately? Perhaps you’re losing your cool over trivial matters. It could be a lack of sleep. A recent Journal of Experimental Psychology: General study reinforces what most of us already suspect: losing as little as two hours of sleep may make you angrier and not quite as able to deal with situations causing you frustration. While it’s well-known that being sleep deprived can increase depression and anxiety, the study is among the first to show a potential correlation between sleep deprivation and anger.

The study involved just over 140 participants divided into a pair of groups. One group was asked to maintain their normal sleep routine (seven hours of sleep or more) while the other group only slept for about four hours each night. Sure enough, the sleep deprived group became more irritable when attempting to perform the same task as the group that had slept enough hours.

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