Miami Mattress Store Provides Custom Luxury Beds

Posted June 28th, 2013 in Luxury Beds by cnelson

Brickell Mattress of Miami provides the South Florida area with the finest selection of Ultra-Luxury mattresses in the world. From the world class bed makers of Carpe Diem and Vi-Spring, beds that represent the Rolls-Royce of the luxury bedding market. These beds redefine the terms elegant and luxurious and take them truly to the next level, unlike anything in a bed you have experienced before. Through Brickell Mattress you can take these amazing beds and customize them to your liking, ultimately receiving one of the finest beds in the world that you can call your own.

Vi-Spring and Carpe Diem are by far the best beds in the world. Both have rich European bed making heritages and have each had over 100 years  to perfect their designs to make flawless beds unlike any other. If you are looking for simply the best in innerspring comfort, quality, durability, and the use of natural materials, you absolutely need to come in and experience these beds for yourself. Carpe Diem of Sweden has been making beds for over a century, producing beds so unique, elegant, and luxurious; they truly have no equal, and are considered by many in the mattress world to be the most comfortable bed they have ever slept on. Vi-Spring of England makes beds that are literally fit for royalty; the Queen of England sleeps on a Vi-Spring. Utilizing some of the finest and most exotic natural materials on the planet, Vi-Spring makes beds with a passion for excellence and flawless perfection.

As awe-inspiring as these beds are alone, the level of customization that is available is equally impressive and gives you the opportunity to truly make a bed your own. . An impressive trait offered to you is the ability to customize two different feels of the bed, one to fit you and to fit your partner, meaning if your body type is tailored to a medium feel and you partner needs a softer feel, a bed with one side medium and your partners side soft is available to ensure an amazing sleep experience for both of you. Beyond this, you have the ability to change the mattress cover material in a Vi-Spring to really whatever fits your needs whether it is 100% silk, 100% natural wool, 100% organic cotton, or a variety of blends available. Carpe Diem also offers customizable cover options. Additionally, you also have the ability to choose your own materials in a Carpe Diem or a Vi-Spring and have the bed made exactly to your order. The options go on and on. Brickell Mattress will work every step of the way with you to ensure that you get just the bed that you are looking for.

Make the call today for an amazing one of a kind Ultra-Luxury mattress that isn’t just the world’s best mattress, it is your world’s best mattress. To see all customization options go www.brickellmattress.com or call 305-326-4000 to talk to a sleep professional ready to assist you every step of the way to ensure you get the finest custom mattress experience in the world. Choose to go beyond the rest and get a world class bed of your own, call now.



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