Dealing with Lower Back Pain

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lowerBackThe low back, or lumbar area, serves a number of important functions that are imperative to a healthy life. These important functions include movement, structural support, and protection of certain body tissues. It is clear that the lower back plays a pivotal role in ensuring that important functions of the human body run properly. Lower back pain is commonly caused by lumbar strain, nerve irritation, and bone encroachment. Here are some options to remedy lower back pain.

Physical Therapy

Exercise is the ultimate foundation for any lower back pain relief and it should be one of the first non-surgical treatments for relieving your pain. With consistent guidance from your physician and physical therapist, find an exercise that works for you as the severity of back pain differs from person to person. Some exercises widely practiced to alleviate lower back pain are core strengthening, aerobic exercises, stretching and flexibility exercises, and even testing the limits of pain tolerance.

Mindfulness and Meditation

It can be extremely depleting both physically and especially mentally to manage lower back pain. Keeping your mind on your back pain will only escalate your frustration, irritability, depression and other psychological aspects. Some proven relaxation strategies to stray your mind from focusing on the pain are meditation, yoga, and even tai chi.

Lifestyle Modifications

When dealing with lower back pain, it is important to accept limitations and adapt. Start taking notes that trigger your back pain the most and avoid them if possible. Listen to your body and learn to pace yourself, even if this means taking a break when mowing the lawn, or making several trips when carrying groceries. Not only will this ease your back pain, but it will also prevent the underlying condition from worsening.

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