Got Jet Lag? Try This

Posted October 18th, 2021 in Brickell Mattress, Hastens, Hästens Eala and tagged by coreyconsulting

Jet lag – the sleep disorder that impacts your precious sleep when crossing over time zones. Your body’s internal clock is impacted, disrupting the circadian rhythm and leaving you to either lay awake at night or doze off during the day. Jet lag can leave you feeling like you only got half a night, or in some more severe cases, only a quarter, even if you were in bed all night. Returning from vacation is never any fun, but it is even worse when you’re battling jet lag.

Some hotels, such as the Hoshinoya Tokyo Hotel, try to fight this by adding in deep-breathing spa regimens for those coming into Japan feeling wiped out. This regimen offers three days of body-warming herb treatments, open-air baths, humidity adjustments, room brightness adjustments, and deep-breathing techniques from a massage therapist are included to help you battle a severe time difference.

Some believe exercise may be able to help. Working out may help the muscles ease and not feel so tight, especially when followed by stretching. Exercise is also widely known to make sleep better, so if your jet lag is causing you to stay awake all night, try a simple routine before bed.

Of course, a great handcrafted mattress can help, like Hastens Eala. There is no better way to fall asleep than in the world’s comfiest bed. When your sleep environment is prime for dozing off (do not forget to turn that thermostat down and shut the lights off!), your chances of beating jet lag are much higher.

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